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Who is Blifaloo? Blifaloo's secret move. is an independent website published by me: Toni. :)

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A Short History of

In 2004, Blifaloo was created as a place where I could share my hobbies, interests and doodles (and also a place for my grandma to play arcade games without pop-up ads getting in the way).

I only shared the URL with friends and family, but traffic magically soared, and was even featured on the BBC's international TV show "Click Online".

Fast forward to now: receives about 10,000 visitors a day, and has become my main project. My interesting info pages have become the most popular section, so that is where most of my energy is spent in adding new content.

The future of Blifaloo: Whatever I'm interested in at the moment.

I love researching topics and being able to share that information with readers from around the world. I also try to update the site daily*, even if it is just a new link I think my visitors will dig.

*I fail.

Blifaloo's Bio:

Blifaloo's FaceReal Name: Toni.
Three Words to Describe Toni: Mom, Short, Redhead.
Likes: Books, Tacos, Learning, Grandmas and the Interweb.
Place of residence: Vancouver Island, BC Canada.
Hobbies: Juggling, Guitar, Science, Hedonism.
Skills: Humor, Html & Melee
Tools: Charm, Stealth & a Pointy Stick. Also: Dreamweaver, Firefox, Photoshop & Illustrator.

I'm an old-school internet geek. Self-edumacated.

Also see my favorite Music, TV Shows and Documentaries

Big Thanks to:

The great public school teachers (in both the US and Canada) who influenced and inspired me, especially:

Mr. Webster (really influenced my writing style along with Douglas Adams of H2G2) and Ms. Frost (for being a mentor on all things creative).

Pyroto Mountain was another big influence. From how to write for an online audience, to learning how to research!. Thanks Tim! (I was Spiralsun)

When I started out as a webmaster, I found everything I needed to know at's Forum, and all the helpful members there.

Other online mentors/friends I would like to thank include Cameron, Richard, Peter, Jeremy, Naramation Mike, Vinnie, Jon, Eric Coleman, Bill Cooper, and Eli. -- thanks for all the help, advice and inspiration guys!

Blifaloo Projects & Links: - Blog & Forum companion site - Online games for kids

My Stumbleupon Page - Check out my favorite links and add me as a friend.

Other Projects & Websites: - Newest project. Not your average blog about "crap to buy". - Retro pop-culture. My friend Shawn's site. I have a few features there such as my 80s Dream Toy Collection and some Retro-style Desktop Wallpapers. - Love, Lust and Relationships. <- warning adult content.

Looking to hire a freelance webmaster, designer, writer, doodler with 10+ years of experience (crap, I'm that old?)
Contact me.

Guest Contributors & Expert Authors:

I lied.. Blifaloo is not just about me. With the popularity & traffic of Blifaloo, I have been able to get some awesome guest authors & contributors:

Guest Magician Authors:

We have 3 professional magicians who have contributed their talents to the Magic Tricks section of this site. You can read their bios and articles by following these links:

Mark Reed | Brad Christian | Jay Sankey

Guest Puzzle Creator:

Peter Grabarchuk has contributed some of his original puzzles to our site.

Lie Detection & Interrogation Specialist:

Mark McClish is kind enough to contribute expert content to our lie detection pages.

Want to be a Part of Blifaloo?

Article writers, cartoonists, illustrators, riddle makers and other creative types...

Got skills? Want to contribute an original guest article, puzzle, magic trick or anything else to Contact me. I would be happy to help you out and give you exposure including links to your website.

Note: not looking for spammy or un-related websites that want to contribute BS articles full of lame links just for the purpose of SEO link building. No SEO companies please -- just real folk & ethical webmasters.

Looking for contact or advertising info?

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