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March 11th - New information on lie detection pages with a new special feature on statement analysis from guest author Mark McClish. Also updating the whole site with more category pages and breadcrumb navigation for easier...ummm...navigation :)

Just saw that you can donate to the Japanese Earthquake PayPal directly (link on their site). Also see our post on the Japanese Earthquake for more info and important links.

March 5th - Feeling normal again -- hurray!

March 2nd - I'm ill. Not too many updates over the last week. Some sort of wicked flu...with a touch of insomnia. Lots of good stuff is in the works, though -- more how-to's, cartoons, and lie detection info are coming soon. Also a few updates to the blog.

Feb 22nd - Just set-up a new account and went for the super-affordable $3.00/month subscription... which gives you unlimited personalized online streaming radio. is still great if you use the free version.

If yer a member of (you should be if you love music) add me as a friend.

Small updates all over the place this week. This site is over 400 pages I'm putting more effort into taxonimizing and making the site easier to navigate over-all. More category / index pages and re-thinking the navigation structure.

Feb 21st - Big thanks to RudKatz for giving me the push to put Blifaloo on Facebook...tell your mom. Will have Facebook better integrated with this site after I get "25 likes".

Feb 2nd - Computer tips for beginners - New section on the site. Also organized all the rare and valuable coin articles along with other coin collecting features into the coin collecting page -- you'll also find some interesting coin & money trivia. (pssss: zombies are coming soon).

Jan 20th - Working on the final touches for this article about gold investing.

Jan 6th, 2011 - Small updates all over the place. Blifaloo now hosting at Dreamhost.

Dec. 15th - Various updates including Music worth Listening to, and Linguistics Resources.

Dec. 7th - Yeah, my new laptop arrived this morning :D It's a used Toshiba Tecra M5. Found it on ebay...happy so far.

Nov. 30th - Check out all our How To Guides - including the newest one: "How to Shop Online" <- beginners guide with safety tips.

Nov 28th - My old work laptop is retired. Working on my GFs computer until I get a new-to-me laptop from ebay. (Unless anyone knows of another good place to buy used Laptops online? (contact me if you do).

So far, I'm not liking Windows Vista -- even after running updates and letting windows "fix" itself... it still has weird quirks such as files not wanting to rename, the recycle bin goes missing, and it doesn't "see" all files on media cards and USBs. Quirky compared to my old WinXP system.

Nov 25th - For people who keep asking me: How to Choose a Register Domain Names & How to Choose a Web Host <-- both written for the non-technical.

For simplicity and better browsing, I also made an index to all of our "How-To" guides.

Nov 11th - Updates to cartoons & humor, including links to some of my favorite online comics.

Oct 20th - Fun facts...learn something new...quickly.

Sept 5th - Where did September come from? Updates to Riddle Challenges. Come say hi at the boredom forum.

Aug 25th - Updates to card tricks (some videos added)and other magic trick tutorials.

Aug 16th - Check your piggy banks! Old Wheat Pennies - Are They Worth Anything?

July 29th - Riddle Challenge 2010 now open! Are you smart enough?

July 28th - 33 Ways to Waste Time Online.

July 11th - Pssss the boredom forum is almost ready.

June 16th, 2010 - New game in the arcade: Bubble Spinner - I can't get enough of this one.

June 14th, 2010 - Braindump: check out my running list of interesting ideas and links for knowledge junkies.

Also, first ever Blifaloo newsletter full of awesomeness sent.

May 26th 2010 - Had a computer virus for the first time in years. The malware was a stealthy bugger that redirected my google search results to spammy web pages.

Luckily, I caught on to the problem early and was able to find and remove all traces of the virus.

Things have changed a lot since I wrote my Guide to Malware/Virus Removal -- so I completely over-hauled it with the latest malware information and removal instructions.

Also: Happy Belated Towel Day!

May 13th 2010 - Learn magic tricks with free ebooks!

April 4th 2010 - Updates to the arcade. A few new games added including: Bloons - give it a try.

Mar. 29th 2010 - New free stuff: check out my free vector icons sets, and other webmaster freebies.

Mar. 21st 2010 - Created a StumbleUpon account for Blifaloo. It's an easy way for me to share my favorite random links. Also see my SU tag cloud.

Mar. 13th 2010 - Big updates all over the place! Freebies and Paid Surveys completely updated. Game arcade updates, fixes & new game: Urban Sniper.

Slowing removing old comments, archiving them, and replacing with Google Friend Connect comments.

Cartoons & Humor section also updated.

Mar. 12th 2010 - Looking for a website good for kids? Check out - Games, Jokes, Links and other fun stuff for kids (made by kids). Just like, Blifaloo Junior has no pop-ups + no ads other than the embedded advertisements in Flash Games -- we can't get rid of.

Gaaarrrr: Zombies coming soon!

Mar. 1st/2010 - Small updates. Made this lying, body language & microexpression resource page a few months ago, but I think I forgot to link to it. :S Should be more accessible now.

Feb. 20th - Some great new guest articles on Magic by Marc Reed and Brad Christian - definitely worth checking out.

Big thanks to Knownhost -'s web host (note: Blifaloo no longer hosts with Knownhost) -- they helped me out huge this month. If you need a VPS I highly recommend them, read my review of Knowhost on for more info.

Also: Updates to our torrent resource page.

Jan. 5th / 2010 - Happy New Year! 2010 already, is about 6 years old! Lots of new stuff in the works, for now just a few updates here and there -- tidying up the place and such.


Dec. 28th/2009 - Because our visitors asked for it: Boredom Chat

Dec. 21st/2009 - Pssss. Like to surf the web with your Wii ?
Check out this Wii compatible online flash game collection. (made for friends and family, now released to the public...a work in progress).

Other major updates include tons of new hand-picked games in the arcade including collections for sports games, racing games, word games and check them out.

Dec. 15th/2009 - New article: How to Keep Your Parents Safe from the Internet

Dec. 8th/2009 - New article of interest to magicians: Magic and Mentalism: The perception of your persona by guest author: Mark Reed aka Marc Mayhem founder of out

Dec. 7th/2009 - New games in the arcade, as requested by our visitors. Working on big updates to the arcade, so stay tuned. Also, put up a resource for magic tricks.

We have a new guest magician on Blifaloo; Mark Reed - look for new original free magic trick tutorials and info coming this month.

Dec. 1st/2009 - A few random updates. Home page updated slightly, and a few new links added to the random page. Also new article about micro expressions & lying is almost ready.

Also: Puzzle contributor Peter Grabarchuk released a cool Tangram puzzle app for the iPhone out today. Looks awesome!

Nov. 20th/2009 - Updates, updates, updates? Meh... only a few. Check out the Wii Info Pages, and if you play Mario Kart Wii you need to check out our Mario Kart Wii Tips page.

Nov. 19th/2009 - Happy Birthday My Love!

Oct 28th/2009 - Updates to our Optical Illusions pages.

Oct 19th/2009 - Lack of updates partially because we bought a Wii, and I'm addicted to playing my favorite old Sega Master System Games (its like being 8 again!) -- the upside is I will now be adding Wii game guides and such to Blifaloo.

Oh yeah, I'm quitting smoking, again. I started rambling about nicotine and how awesome withdrawal is here. I have some old interesting research I did on nicotine years ago somewhere...will be posting that too.

Also added a link to the ugliest page on -- > The Random Page. It's kinda like a junk drawer. Maybe I'll rename it... I don't know. But, for now it is the place I will store bits and pieces that don't fit very well elsewhere on Blifaloo.

Sept 16th/2009 - Added a Free Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds page with 10 desktop designs, including some are based on my optical illusions.

Sept 11th/2009 - Added a Random Page -- for stuff that doesn't categorize well... also some links to other sites I've found recently. Will flesh this out eventually.

Aug 26th/2009 - New feature: Most Popular Internet Videos of All Time -- Also big updates to the games arcade, with new games and links.

Aug 14th/2009 - New: Edible Mushrooms of Vancouver Island. Been doing research for the upcoming mushroom season, and figured I would relay that info for fellow islanders.

Aug 10th/2009 - Updates my favorite links page.

Aug 7th/2009 - New stuff added like "Real Palm-Reading... What science can infer from our hands". Also added a list of stuff Blifaloo recommends, and a page dedicated to music I think is worth listening to. Plus a page for Vancouver Islanders, and a resource guide for using torrents.

July 23rd/2009 - Big updates (long time coming)! Layout changed slightly - we are now 40 pixels wider. It's craziness! Other updates include the removal of "in-text" rollover ads, and a shifting of the ads on this site in general. Still no pop-ups!


Nov 15th/2008 - Updates to the Puzzles & Riddles section.

Aug 15th/2008 - Blifaloo's Blog (of links and boredom relief) has it's own domain at Some old links from the blog may have gotten changed in the if you can't find what you are looking for, try the search function.

June 28th/2008 - Added a Optical Illusions Resources & Links page.

June 24th/2008 - Updates to the Magic Tricks section, with guest author Jay Sankey. Also added a new cartoon, a riddle, and added a favorite links page.


October 2nd/2007 - Now you can Search Blifaloo if you are looking for something specific.

August 2nd/2007 - More updates all over the place including new puzzles & brain games, plus something new: Sweepstakes.

July 20th/2007 - New Features: Hand Shadow Puppets and a bunch of Rebus Puzzles.

June 22nd/2007 - New games added to Blifaloo's Online Games Arcade.


Oct. 26/2006 - Holy smokes, our article on about lie detection made it onto the frontpage of and the server survived! Big Thanks to our awesome host - PowerVPS ! And also big thanks to all our visitors who voted for us :)


Jun. 15/2006 - Woo Updates. New Cartoons & Illusions.


Mar. 20/2006 - Minor Updates and a few additions to our Free Stuff pages. Have a look. The Blifaloo Blog has been stale, but I'm hoping to find a writer to keep it updated and fun. Contact me if you are interested.


Web Archive of Blifaloo in 2005

Dec. 5/2005 - New Riddle Challenge has ended... you can still work on the puzzles for your own enjoyment, but the draw for the gift certificate is over. Winner will be announced on Dec.7/2005.


Oct. 8/2005 - New Riddle Challenge added. Complete all 8 riddles to enter your name in a draw for a $50 gift certificate.


Sept. 29/2005 - A few updates, and new articles... working on some more illusions, so keep an eye out for those.


Aug. 2/2005 - Minor Update: changing the site's colors around a bit. I guess Blifaloo is no longer amused with "pink". Just a prelude to a major update coming soon.

Mar. 5/2005 - Blifaloo is featured on the BBC Television show "ClickOnline". Wow.

I almost piddled myself in joy hearing reporter Kate Russell say "Blifaloo" with her Bristish accent as she reviewed the site. You can read the review and download the show here.


Jan. 27/2005 - Holy Bandwidth Batman! received over 20,000 visitors yesterday. I've been webmastering for 5 years now, and most of my sites don't get that many visitors in a month :P

Help us pay our bandwidth bills by visiting our boredom shop.

Broken links in the games section have been fixed. Think I got them all this time. Chinese checkers is up and working (just for you aboozled).


Jan. 14/2005 - New sections added: "useless and useful info" & Fun Quizzes featuring our first quiz: "What Star Trek Character are You?"


Jan. 07/2005 - The games arcade is now up and running with over 20 fun and free games for you enjoyment. More games and features are currently being added to this section of so don't forget to check back often.


Dec. 30/2004 - Optical Illusions and Magic Tricks are now online and ready for you to explore... games are coming next :)