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Our traffic breakdown:

Most of's traffic is US-based, and over 80% is from English speaking countries. gets about 9000+ visitors a day, with lots of traffic spikes.

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About 50% of Blifaloo's Traffic is from Search Engines... and this pattern has been consistent for many years:

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Blifaloo has a HUGE variety of topics and keywords. The most popular section is the Interesting Info Section with over 65% of this site's pageviews - it contains articles for the curious mind on a variety of subjects including computers & technology, detecting lies, coin collecting, body language, linguistics, psychology, how-to's and more.

Here are the most popular sections of the website:

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The magic trick section also gets a fair bit of pageviews a month (over 60,000). Our games arcade serves about 27,000 pageviews/month.

The brainteasers and riddles sections garner about 20,000 pageviews/month.


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