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tetris games icon

Balls, Blocks and Tetris-ish Games

Stack them, remove them, group them, etc. etc...


...just do it fast! Enjoy these awesome fast-paced time wasters.

bubble spinner

Bubble Spinner - I can't get enough of this fun game.

  chaos chamber icon

Chaos Chamber - Clear the groups game, with a twist.


Match Bugs - Quickly switch 2 bugs to put 3 of the same bugs in a row.

  connect 2

Connect 2 - Personal favorite, I wasted hours on this game.

rainbow web game

Rainbow Web - Match 3 balls the same color to remove them.

  crash down

Crash Down - Click groups of 3 or more to remove them.

arcade lines

Arcade Lines - Lineup 5 balls horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

  lucky balls

Lucky Balls - Remove balls before they reach the skull.

magic balls

Magic Balls - Clear all the balls by matching colors.

  bubble trouble

Bubble Trouble - Pop the bubbles, smaller and smaller.

blox 2

Blox 2 Forever - Interesting block puzzle logic game.

  topsy turvey

Topsy Turvy bust as many balls as possible in each 60sec round.

tetris game

MiniClip Tetris - Dedicated to Gary & those bored at work.

  pickies icon

Pickies Game - Clear the pickies by getting 3 in a row.

bloons icon

Bloons - Can you complete all the levels in this fun physics game?.

  bloons icon

Stackopolis - Follow the blueprint to move the blocks to correct positions.

Remember to check back often as I try to add new games as well other great content on a regular basis. Please contact Blifaloo if something is broken.

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boat race

Boat Rush - Control the boat without hitting land.

  fowl words

Fowl Words - Create as many words as possible.

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