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Canada Post Holiday Schedule - 2012

Canadian Public Holidays (National & Provincial)

I look this info up on a regular basis, and figure others do the same.

Canada Post delivers Monday through Friday except on National, Provincial (or Territorial) Holidays. Government agencies are generally closed on these days, along with banks and some shops.

January 1 | Sunday - New Year's Day (National) - No mail on Monday the 2nd

April 6 | Friday - Good Friday (National)

April 9 | Monday - Easter Monday (National)

May 21 | Monday - Victoria Day (National)

July 1 | Sunday - Canada Day (National)

August 6 | Monday - Civic Holiday (National)

September 3 | Monday - Labour Day (National)

October 8 | Monday - Thanksgiving Day (National)

November 11 | Sunday - Remembrance Day (National)

December 25 | Tuesday - Christmas Day (National)

December 26 | Wednesday - Boxing Day (National)

When a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it may be applied to the next business day. For more info see Canada Post's Official Holiday Scheduale

Interesting Facts about 2012

2012 is a leap year - my uncle greg who was born on Feb. 29th gets a birthday, yeah!

MMXII - is the Roman Numeral form of the year.

Designated Alan Turing Year - commemorating the mathematician and computer pioneer on the centennial of his birth. I also mention Turning on my random interesting ideas and people page.

More facts and resources for the year 2012 - work in progress, but interesting tid-bits of info and links.

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