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Top Affiliate Programs and Advertising Networksfor Webmasters

My top picks of tried and trusted affiliate programs.

Contextual Advertising / Text Links

With these advertisers, you will in general, earn a certain commision each time someone clicks on one of the text links generated from the code you add to your website.

Google Adsense - Contextual Advertisments, highly reccommended.

Yahoo Publisher - Still in beta and only currently available to US based publishers. Should be competition for google, after they get out of beta.

Chitika - Fancy advertisments for your site, with products geared toward your content (seems best for technology/consumer electronics related sites so far.

Popular Affiliate Programs & Networks

Amazon Associates - Amazon sells just about everything, and you can sell just about anything of theirs on your website and earn about a 5-8% commission.

FluxAds - CPA network -- promote offers like ringtones, freebies, dating, surveys, cash4gold, finance etc.

All Posters - When your site visitors click on your links and make purchases at, you earn 25%-30% of the sale.

Commision Junction - Hosts thousands of affiliate programs all in one place.


Banners, pop-ups and those kind of ads:

With banners and pop-ups you generally recieve a set amount of money per 1000 page impressions (CPM). In most cases these kinds of ads work best for sites with lots and lots of visitors.

Burst! Media - For a wide variety of banners and pop-ups.

Tribal Fusion - Has all those really fancy ads that fly-by the screen.

Fastclick - Fastclick is groovy because they are one of the few ad networks that payout via paypal.

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