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Best Free Webmaster Software and Scripts

A compiled list of our top choices for webmasters on a limited budget or those who are just plan cheap.

Free HTML / WYSIWYG Editors

NVU - For Linux, Windows or Mac. Highly recommended!

Amaya - W3C's Editor/Browser, so you know it's gotta be good.

1st Page 2000 - For those who don't like to WYSIWYG it.

Free Graphic Editors and Tools:

The Gimp - This graphics editor has been around for awhile, and can do just about everything Photoshop can.

Pixie - Color picker that can get the HEX codes off of anything you can see on your monitor. Very spiffy tool from Nattyware.

IrfanView - Lightweight multipurpose graphic editor/viewer. Great for converting between image formats, resizing, etc.

Adsen Favicon - Adsen FavIcon is a simple favion freeware creator that lets people make a fav icon for their website, which shows up in IE's favorites.

FTP Programs:

FileZilla - Spiffy FTP client. Highly recommended.

Have any other FTP software suggestions? Use our comment form. :)

Web Browsers:

Because testing in IE only is not a good idea ;)

FireFox - Is slowly taking a chunk of the web browser market, making up about 20% of surfers.

Opera - Used to be free, then was not free... and is once again free. Get it before they change their mind.

Best Free Scripts:

PhpBB - Forum software, with a large user-base and many mods and hacks available.

WordPress - WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. In other words - it's good Blog software.




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