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Music Worth Listening To

When asked what sorts of music I enjoy, I generally reply: 'anything that moves my soul, my butt or my mind'.

This page is just a little taste of some of my favorite bands and well as music resource websites, online radio, etc. etc.

Update Mar 25th 2013
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A Few Songs for you listen to:

This is a new section of this site (starting Jan. 2012), I think I will keep a running list of 5 or so songs that I am digging at the moment:

Bombino - North African folk rock. Super cool. More tracks that I'm currently listening to are in my youtube playlist.

Abigail Washburn "Kangding Qingge" - Bluegrass meets Chinese folk.

Amadou & Mariam - from NPR Field Recordings.

New love: Yat-Kha Come Along - I want to learn to play this on guitar and serenade random people... Won't You Hear My Song?

Wild Eyes - Mariee Sioux. Wonderful song, vivid lyrics.

Flower Travellin' Band - Never heard of them before last week. This song is one of my new favs and will probably end up in my permanent rotation.

One Everything - TMGB; There is only one everything. They (Might Be Giants) can explain complex concepts in songs boppy enough for a toddler (or adult nerd) to enjoy.

Leonard Cohen sings "Every Knows" live. - He is one of my all time favs, can't wait to listen to his new album.

They Might Be Giants on TED Talks - How did I not find this before? Ok -- there is more than one song here, but if you are a TMBG fan you gotta check out this vid. Best version of "fingertips" I have heard from them.

Corporal Clegg - Pink Floyd. Had to listen to this after forgetting about it for years.

I might put the above into archives, or find some other way of organizing the list as time passes.

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Some of the Bands I Dig:

I'm into experimental, electronic, indie, industrial, rock and hip-hop, and anything interesting.

Some of my all time favorite genres/bands include:

Industrial/edm: Einsturzende Neubauten, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Front 242

Rap and Hip Hop - Eazy E, Ice Cube

New(ish) Bands - TV on the Radio, Postal Service, CocoRosie

Classic Rock - Pink Floyd, Cream

Others: Enigma, Bjork, They Might Be Giants, Kraftwerk, Dead Can Dance, Leonard Cohen

New Music Recommendations:

I'll try to find new bands and music to update this page with as often as possible.

Ego Fall - Gets my respect for creating an amazing mix between folk and metal.

I don't listen to much metal, but the throat-singing is super catchy and dance-worthy.

This song is so much fun to juggle to, and my what I'm listening to as I kick butt playing CoD Black Ops online:

Ego Fall - Album: Inner M

I'm surprized they don't have more popularity outside of Asia. Even my kids dig it. If Timberland doesn't find them, I'm going to make some dance mixes of their music eventually.

Look up their album "Inner M" on youtube.


CocoRosie - Why didn't anyone tell me about them? Not so new now, but if you like Bjork or other favs from my library you'll probably dig them:




Blifaloo's Favourite Music - Currently in Heavy Rotation :

You can click on the album link to get more info and listen to sample tracks at

cocorosie menomena tv on the radio

CocoRosie - Definitely worth a listen. So good.

Menomena - Synthy, bass-riffic, indie, experimental awesomeness.

TV On The Radio - Driving rhythms with soulful hypnotic vocals and melodies.

Favorite Music Links and Resources - Listen to fresh beatz, ambient jazz and other grooviness.

Record Nerd .com - For Vinyl junkies - keep track of your collections + browse and trade other user collections. & Blifaloo on - Great for finding music recommendations based on your listening habits. Huge site worth checking out!

More Albums Worth Listening To:

nin bjork front 242

Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero - NIN made a concept album, and its incredible...this made me love NIN again after not enjoying anything after the Downward Spiral.

Björk - Homogenic - I like to lay comfortably between two speakers and just vibe-out to this album.

All Bjork albums are in my permanent listening collection.

Front 242 - Front by Front - I bought this album when I was 15 (that's 15 years ago - yikes!)... and its been a part of my permanent listening list since. Early IDM/industrial/dance. Hey Poor! You don't have to be poor anymore!


postal service tmbg knaan

The Postal Service: Give Up - Electo-indie-pop with melodic songwriting.


They Might Be Giants: Here Comes Science - Science!

K'Naan - Original rapper from Somalia.


-------- That's all for now. When time permits, I will update this with more great music worth listening to.

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