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Webmaster Resources, Advice, Free Content & More

Over the years I have put together a variety of resources, freebies and articles related to web development. This page serves as an index to these resources. Last update: March 07, 2013

Articles for webmasters: Making Websites that Make Money - Blifaloo's guide to building income generating websites.

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Free Content for Websites & Blogs

Did you know offers some of it's great original content to other webmasters? Please read the terms and conditions.

Free Avatar Sets for Forums and Message Boards

Avatars for Forums - Here you'll find tons of 75x75 and 100x100 pixel avatars you can use freely on forums and message boards.

avatars for webmastersAvatar Terms of Use - All images are original work (Copyright by me). Whether you need one avatar for yourself, or are looking to add a gallery of avatars to your forums or message boards: all avatars on this page are completely free to use.

The only restriction are that you may not sell or re-distribute these avatars. Links to are appreciated, but not a condition of use.

Free Cartoons & Comics for Websites & Blogs

Attention Webmasters & Bloggers looking for free content:

You may use any of's cartoons on a given website, blog, newsletter or other online media as long as the cartoon(s) link -- back to, their original URL, or simply to Text links are also ok.

thesaurus cartoonLinks must be visible, do-follow, and working or use of a cartoon will be considered copyright infringement. If you need other arrangements or have a question please contact Blifaloo.

All images retain their copyright by the original authors, and can not be used or re-printed except under these terms. Browse the cartoons here.

Please download the cartoons and upload them to your own server instead of hot-linking when possible.

Free Vector Icon Sets

I created tons of basic vector icon images for my use in websites. They make a good starting point, and save time.

Similar vector icons sets will cost you $100 bucks or more, I am offering them free to my website visitors. I've packaged them up in Zip files containing both .ai and .eps versions -- which should open up just fine in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and other progs that handle vector formats.
free vector icon set

Terms and Conditions on Free Vector Icon Sets:

After you download the icons, consider them "royalty free" for free. The only restriction is that you may not sell or re-distribute these icons. Links to are appreciated, but not a condition of use.

Click here to view and download the icon sets.

Top Webmaster Links and Resources

Links and resources important for webmasters, graphic designers, etc. - You can learn just about everything about webmastering from Sitepoint's collection of articles. Also, Sitepoint Webmaster forum is the best place online to ask any website related question.

Google Webmaster Tools - If you have a website, sign up for webmaster tools. Get data about crawling, indexing and search traffic. Receive notifications about problems on your site.

Google Analytics - Free website statistics...amazing program. Learn where your website visitors come from, and much more.

More resources on Blifaloo:

Best Free Webmaster Software and Scripts - A compiled list of our top choices for webmasters on a limited budget or those who are just plan cheap.

Making Websites that Make Money - Blifaloo's guide to building income generating websites.

See our guides to Website Hosting and Registering a Domain Name - for beginner tips, and my recommendation on my favorite providers.

Top Advertising Networks for Webmasters

My top choices for webmaster advertising networks, affiliate programs, etc.

Note: some of these links contain my affiliate ID...which means I make a commission if you join and earn income from the advertising/affiliate network. However, this doesn't affect which networks I recommend or bias my reviews. Thanks ahead of time if you do join an affiliate program under my affiliate link!

FluxAds - Webmasters: Make Money! - FluxAds is my top choice for a CPA network. They always pay, and have the best 2nd tier affiliate program, in my opinion. This means that if you get other webmasters to join and use FluxAds you receive a small commission. These small commissions can really add up...I'll call it "magic money". A better term would be "residual income". :D

Google Adsense - If you have a quality, content-driven website...Google Adsense is going to be your top choice monetizing your content. Associates - Since Amazon sells almost can make commissions off referrals to for almost any product imaginable. Electronics to home furnishings and beyond.

Chitika - Display search targeted, mobile and local ads that are suited to your audience's interests, and earn revenue.

There are tons of other advertising networks and affiliate programs out there, but these are my top picks and happy to recommended them to other webmasters.

Need to Hire a Writer, Webmaster, Designer or Developer?

Here are some of my recommendations, and where you can find professional help:

Linda Jenkinson - Specializes in writing and editorial services for website businesses, web publishers, and web developers.

Friends and past co-workers: let me know if you need help promoting your web development related services -- just contact me, and I'll link you up on this page. Thanks :)