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Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

Articles, Resources, Videos & Books about Body Language

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On this site, we have about a half-dozen articles about body language: from flirting signals, to lying and subtle micro expressions.

This page serves as an index to these articles, plus additional resources, videos, books, etc. from around the web about body language /non-verbal communication and related topics.

Body Language Explained on :

Articles here on Blifaloo dealing with body language and other forms of non-verbal commnication.

flirting body languageFlirting Body Language Learn how men and women use non-verbal communication in courtship. Introduction to the visual cues and gestures of flirting.

reading eyesReading Eyes Is it possible to read someone’s thoughts by gazing into their eyes? Body language cues and meanings from observing eye movement

lying eyesEye Movement and Lying <– Popular How to tell if someone is lying based on the movements of their eyes. Popular article about the NLP theory that eye-movement can reveal if a statement is true or false.

lying eyesMicro Expressions, Subtle Body Language Info and research on micro expressions, hidden human emotions, and how they relate to deception. The science behind the television series “Lie to Me”.

flirting body languageMen’s Flirting Body Language Illustrated guide to male flirting signals. Learn some of the visual cues men tend to display when they are interested in someone.

lying body languageLying & Forensic Psychology Resources Resource guide to lie detection, body language, etc. Including body language books, links and videos.

Body Language Links, Videos & Resources Elsewhere:

A handful of the best online resource guides to body language and related topics.

The Human Animal – The Language of the Body (1994, Part One) – Desmond Morris did an awesome job explaining some aspects of body language in the documentary series “The Human Animal”. You can watch the entire series on Google Video — just follow the link above.

Body Language Glossary – Huge resource on nonverbal communication including body language cues for specific body parts.

Body Language and Facial Expressions Wikipedia Articles – A good starting point.

Books on Body Language

Recommended reading for those interested in studying the topic of body language, gestures and non-verbal communication:

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More books about Body Language: Body Language Books on Amazon

Body Language Quotes

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.” – WB Yeats

“I speak two languages, Body and English.” – Mae West

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