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big brainFree Interactive Brain Games

Improve your memory, concentration and logic skills — all while having fun playing games. If you would like to feed your brain check out our interesting info pages to learn something new.

Jump to: Logic Games | Memory Games | Word & Math Games (Also see some not-so-educational games in our arcade.)

Logic & Strategy Puzzle Games

Try these free online educational (but still fun) games:

riddle game

Tangram Puzzle Challenge Arrange the four tiles to form the shape that is given to you.

flipit icon

Flip it Game Flip all the stones to the other side in this challenging mind game.

alpha attack icon

Penguin Family Logic Game In this game you need to help the penguins cross the river.

hourglass riddle

Hourglass Problem – Interactive Riddle Another interactive brainteaser that will have you pulling out your hair.riddle icon

Code Breaking Game Can you break the secret code to discover the hidden message?

riddle icon

Watering Jugs Riddle With a 5 litre water jug and a 7 litre water jug, your task is to measure out 6 litres of water using these two jugs. Can solve this puzzle?

riddle icon

Peg Solitaire Game The object of the game is to move the pegs until only one peg is left.

riddle icon

Little Mess Puzzle Game This game will test your patience and ability to organize.

Memory Games

Train your brain. These learning games will help boost your mind’s memorization skills — all while having fun.

riddle icon

Memory 3 Memorize color patterns to test and improve your short term memory in this fun game.

riddle icon

Moving Memory Classic memory game with a twist — the cards rotate position.

memory icon

Music Memory Test your memory while training your musical ear with this game.

riddle icon

Memory 2 Test your short-term memory skills with this fun game.

riddle icon

Balls & Boxes Memory Game Use your memory and put the balls back into their original boxes.

riddle icon

Classic Memory Game Old-school card matching memory game.

Word & Math Games

Educational… yes. But still very fun.


Word Search Search for the word with a given meaning.


Quick Math Test your reaction time by filling in math symbols as quickly as possible.


Math Search Solve the equation and search for the answer.

More Word & Typing Games Here.