Five Interesting/Cool Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

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Talk about each of the following:

– Juggling (makes your brain bigger, other benifits)

– Meditation (makes brain bigger, alters brain structure, other benifets)

– Face to Face / Face Time (talk about how getting off the internet & phone to start spending real time with real people has been linked to improved cognitive function.) This is my own idea — you gotta sell it for me. :p

– Coffee (It’s various benifets on the brain)

– Sex (Oxytocin is released during orgasm — and Oxytocin can cause a relaxed but clear mind).

– If you have other ideas, feel free to include them.

Also: Grab the various suppliments that increase brain power from here(or other places): — Get 5 or so suppliments that are suppose to increase brain power in some way. Write a short and sweet sentence about each. (I’ll use this info in a little “sidebar” extra on the finished article’s webpage).

References: — Juggling and Brain Growth (you’ll find similar if you do a google search). – meditation – meditation – face to face contact