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How to Make Money with Websites

Blifaloo’s guide to building income generating websites ———————————————————

There are a lot of how-to make money online “schemes” out there. Some better than others. This guide is for those who aren’t necessarily wanting to make a quick buck, but those who would rather create quality websites that can generate a steady and growing income with out much maintenance. (you do want to create a business and not a job, right?) was created based on the idea that if you make a decent site, you won’t need to overload it with crazy advertisements and pop-ups to annoy visitors. Surprisingly, this worked out for me and my site. I receive a good amount of traffic and income, both which grow steadily month-to-month. Beyond Blifaloo, I have created and maintain about 5 other websites. The income from my websites is enough to support me and my family. Woo.

First before forcing you to read any further, you should have a budget of at least $60 to start with. This will cover a year for your domain name, and 6 months of hosting. A larger budget can be helpful, but this minimum amount is all you really need.

1. You need an Idea

website ideasHuh? This guide is for those wishing to create an income from Content-based websites. A content based website is one that provides information. Easy, eh?

Content includes: Articles, Directories, Forums, Blogs, news and other information, that you provide freely to visitors to your site. You make money from content based sites by having advertising and affiliate programs on your pages.

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