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“I Got It!”

A Card Trick

Materials Needed:

1 Standard Card Deck

How the Trick Appears:

Gives the appearance of the card vanishing and then reappearing back on top of the deck.

How the Trick Works:

Hold a normal deck in your hand. Put down 3 piles of any amount of cards. Keeping a decent sized deck left in your hand (about 20 cards).

Tell a member of the audience to pick a card off of one of the 3 piles and place it back to the top of one of the 3 piles.

While the audience are watching the person do this, palm a card and look at the card palmed in your hand from the remaining deck.

When they have put the card back place your hand on top of the deck and say “Shall I hit the cards like this” (putting the palmed card in your hand on top of there card).

“Or like this” (touch it with your finger). When they chose hit all 3 piles that way. Showing your empty hand to them after each pile.

Then say “I am going to move your card to another deck”. Get the card that you placed on top of their card on another deck. Then pick up the other two decks placing the deck with there card on top of the other in your hand.

Then say “Did you keep your eye on your card?”. They should say yes.

Say “Please show it to me”. When they turn over the card that they think is their card say “I GOT IT!” and present the card.

Notes: Practice this trick before performing. It’s easy to get confused on how a card trick works just from reading about it. Having a deck of cards in your hands as you try and learn the tricks on this page will make it much easy to learn, understand and then master.