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Blifaloo’s Famous How-To Guides

This is simply an index of all the “How To” features on this website. Learn something new!

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lie detector iconHow To Fake Looking Skinnier for Summer Some how-to tips on how to look and feel great this summer!

lie detector iconHow to Be a Human Lie Detector In-depth guide on lying, micro-expressions and body language.

how to beat carnival games iconHow to Beat Carnival / Fair Games Win worthless junk! One of the the most popular articles on blifaloo of all time.

how to value coins iconHow to Price and Sell Coins Thinking about selling your coin collection? Start here.

how to virus iconHow to Remove Computer Viruses Step-by-step guide to removing malware, spyware & viruses on your PC (Windows).

xp iconHow to Speed-up Windows 10 Yes, Many people still use Windows 10.

credit infoHow to Get a Free Credit Report (from the US government) – Also tips on improving credit scores.

How to Get Money Fast – A collection of odd and interesting ways to get cash when you are in a pinch.

How to Palm Cards – For aspiring card magicians or sneaky poker players.

How to Keep Your Parents Safe from the Internet – Common online scams and how to avoid them — anyone over 30 should read this.

How to Make Awesome Hand Shadow Puppets – The flying bird is tired, learn some advanced moves.

How to Choose and Register a Domain Name – For my friends/relatives and other’s that need non-technical advice.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company – Non-technical guide on getting web hosting.

How to Waste Time Online – A growing list of ways to waste time while surfing the web.

How to Improve Brain Power – Intesting ways to boost your mental concentration.

How to Read Palms – What science and medicine can tell just from cues on our hands. Nifty.

How to Set-up a Wireless Home Audio System – Step by step guide on buying and setting up a WiFi music system.

How to Text Message – Keep up with your kids.

How to Make Websites that Make Money – Blifaloo’s guide to building income generating websites…the good ol’ fashion way — with hard work. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

How to Beat Insomnia – My tips on getting a better night’s sleep.

How to Invest in Gold – After doing some research-intense freelance work for a gold investing related company, I figured this would be the best way to share the loads of knowledge I now have in my brain about investing in gold and other precious metals.

How to Choose Class Setups on BlackOps – CoD Black Ops multi-player guide and strategies.

Have an idea for a new How-To Guide? Let me know.

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