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Magic Trick Video Tutorials

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Videos are probably the easiest way to learn magic tricks. And with each tutorial we try to provide multiple versions of each method, to help you see how things work from different angles.

Featured Magic Trick Video

Self-working card trick for you to learn:

Card Flourish Tutorials & Tips

If you want to be a card magician, and look good doing it — you will want to learn some flourishes.

Spring & Spin Flourish Video Tutorial – Cool beginner-friendly flourish.

One-Handed Cut Flourish Video Tutorial – Practice ’till perfect, then bring this effect out at your next card game.

Sleight of Hand Tutorials & Tips

Sleights are what makes magic, well… magic 🙂

False Cut Video Tutorial – Learn a fundamental sleight in card magic.

Hindu Shuffle Video Tutorial – A false shuffle to help you keep a card or cards on top of the deck. Very useful!

Double Lift Video Tutorial – You need to learn this to be able to do many card trick routines.

Color (Kick) Change Video Tutorial – Wonderful tutorial to create this amazing effect.

Card Trick Video Tutorials

Already know your way around a deck, and just looking to learn some new tricks? These are for you:

Coin Trick Video Tutorials

Coin Through Hand – Self-explainatory 🙂

Other Magic Trick Videos

Japanese Magician Can’t understand what he is saying, but at the same time that is great video just to watch — this guys showmanship and presense is fantastic. Learn from it.


Tips & Resources:

Practice this move over and over until the one-handed cut can be done smoothly.

The cards will feel big and awkward when first practicing this sleight, don’t worry — it does get easier.

Kids and adults with very small hands can try using a “bridge size” deck which is a little smaller than a standard card deck.

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