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strongbad Trogdor – Strongbad (Strongbad invented the internet.) end of the world End of the World

My personal all-time favorite classic online video.

all your base videoAll Your Base dancing bananaBanana Dance! star wars kid remixStar Wars Kid (remix) funny cats Funny Cats otters vidOtters Holding Hands tunak vid Tunak Tunak Tun dance Evolution of Dance numa numaNuma Numa charlieCharlie the Unicorn leeroyLeeroy Jenkins! potter puppetsPotter Puppets   punjab thrillerPunjabi Thriller mike tysonMike Tyson Moments news bloopersNews Bloopers

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tongue trick videoTongue Trick jinglesFunny Jingles  ouch videoOuch

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35 Headshots  dominoes videoDomino u-turn  cellphone microwave videoMicrowave Phone

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