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  Juggling – Ultimate Resource Page

Juggling has become one of my favorite hobbies since learning the 3 ball cascade a few years ago.

I started a juggling blog ages ago ( but decided to close that website, update the articles and move all the content over to here to Blifaloo, to reach a larger audience.

Why You Should Learn Juggling

– It’s fantasitc exersise.

– It makes your brain grow!

– Amuse friends and small children.

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Learn to Juggle 3 Balls

3 ball juggling tutorialLearn to Juggle – Absolute beginner: The 3 Ball Cascade out

The 3 ball cascade is usually the first juggling pattern the neophyte will learn. It looks harder than it actually is.

This video tutorial does a good job of explaining how to learn this base pattern, as well as proper form.

The teacher is Jason Garfield, one of the most passionate jugglers ever. Garfield is also an advocate of proper form, and explains that in this video. Pay attention.

My Tips for Learning the 3 Ball Cascade

Yes, you do have to learn 1 ball, then 2 balls, then 3 balls. Everyone learns at a different pace, but concentrate on getting each move down before moving on.

Personally, it took me a few hours to get just the 2 balls down solid. And solid is important — don’t try rushing, you’ll learn faster but will also end up with bad form and looking sloppy. I was doing 3 balls with 6-12 catches after a day, and had the pattern looking decent and solid after a week.

Take breaks. It’s ok to learn a little at a time.

If possible, start out with beanbags, Russian balls, or other balls that won’t bounce / roll away on you.

Alternative 3 Balls Cascade Tutorials:

Having a teacher is fantastic, having dozens of available teachers is what makes learning to juggle online unique and valuable. If you don’t fancy the above tutorial, or just want to have a few different perspectives have a look at these videos also teaching the 3 ball cascade:

3 ball altGreat tutorial and a fancy shirt. Not as technical as the first tutorial, but it a good vid with some excellent tips – and it’s colorful.

3 ball tut 3Another nicely edited tutorial that breaks down each step, and gives tips along the way.

Learn to Juggle 4 Balls

Juggling 3 balls is fun, and so many tricks and patterns are available… but maybe you are itching to learn 4 balls. It’s not that hard if you already have 2 in one hand down solid. Here we have gathered the best video tutorials that introduce the basics of 4 ball juggling.

4 ballsAgain, the great thing about learning online is getting different perspectives.

Now you can learn how to juggle 4 balls from a dude with a strong accent.

4 balls 2JuggleStein walks you through the basics of 4 ball juggling. The presentation is clear, with useful tips along the way.

Tips for Learning to Juggle 4 Balls

You need to have 2 balls in one hand down solid with both hands before you are going to successfully juggle 4 balls.

Some extra work / practice with your weak hand may help.

Just do it. I was surprised the first time I tried to throw 4 balls, it was pretty simple.

Try to practice at least a little bit each day, don’t forget to take breaks.