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Temporary Boredom Relief from Blifaloo

Not interested in learning something or exercising your brain? Do you like your boredom relief in the form of mindless fun and passive entertainment?

Congratulations: you’ve found the right place on the internet to squash your boredom … for a few minutes, at least.

Unlike most entertainment websites we hate pop-ups and other ads that get in the way.

Wecome to pop-up free entertainment!

Fun Features on Blifaloo

With this site getting bigger and bigger over the years, some of the features have been buried.

This page serves as an index to all the “just for fun” content on Blifaloo. Tell your mom.


Giggle: Cartoons and Humor
Original cartoons by me: Blifaloo (Toni). Before graphic design and webmastering I wanted to be a cartoonist. You’ll find about a dozen of my cartoons plus links to my favorite online comics, and other humorous bits.

flash games

Play: Online Games
All games are hand-picked by me, with the requirement of keeping me entertained for at least 5 minutes. Arcade, action, puzzle and other addictive flash games.
No pop-ups, plus links to other good online arcades.


Try: Fun Quizzes & Personality Tests
Take a fun personality test and compare results with friends. Also featuring the impossible quiz and zombie apocolyse survial test.


Eye Candy: Optical Illusions
Original optical illusions by Blifaloo, plus some classic illusions. Our eyes and brain don’t always agree. Check out our optical illusion gallery including over a dozen illusions plus links to other optical illusion websites.


Hand Shadow Puppets
Great for when the power goes out, or just a simple and traditional way to keep kids entertained for a few minutes.

Quickies – Boredom Relief, A.S.A.P

More stuff here on Blifaloo plus links to other places to relieve your boredom online.

3D Mahjongg

Play: 3D Mahjong
Awesome and addictive, a fun twist on the matching tiles mahjong genre.

Freebies: Avatars & Forum/Chat Icons
Huge collection of free avatars to use on forums, IM, chat, websites, blogs, or whatever.

Freebies: Magic Trick eBooks – Free downloadable magic trick book collections. Learn the secrets of David Blaine, plus classic card tricks and other illusions.

Funny Videos – Watch some of my favorite funny, strange or interesting videos.

33 Ways to Waste Time Online – Bored? Check out this growing list of things to do online: fun links and interesting websites for wasting a bit of time.

Fun Facts – Ok. I admit, you might just learn something by reading this page…but it won’t hurt a bit — I promise. Plus there are pictures to look at. Aiming to please.

The Random Page – Fun and interesting links, plus articles on this site that don’t fit anywhere else. Guaranteed to help relieve boredom.

Music Worth Listening To – My favorite bands, links to my profile, new music suggestions plus some videos. Updated every few months.

Wii Stuff – Game reviews + tips, tricks and cheats to various Wii games like Mario Kart.

Bored? Learn Something Useful:

Gold Investing for Beginners – Options for gold investments, historical price charts, online investing info. Stock Investing for Beginners – How to avoid common mistakes, useful links, and other handy advice.
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