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Reading Men’s Body Language

Is he Flirting with you?

Did you catch a glimpse of him looking at you from across the room? Did you notice his eyebrows?

guy flirt1. Flirting Signals – In His Face

Often when our eyes meet those of an attractive stranger, our eyebrows raise up then go back down.

This split-second gesture (called the “eyebrow flash”) can be an invitation to start a conversation.

Raising his eyebrows in a “surprise” manner during conversation is also a good signal.

Eye contact can definitely help decode his feelings. A man might hold a women’s gaze just slightly longer than normal to indicate his interest.

Another male flirting cue to slightly flare his nostrils, make his face appear wider. His lips may also part slightly.

male body language

Eyes – Lingering eye contact

– Eyebrow Flash

Chest & Arms – ILS (Invisible Lats Syndrome)

Hands – Grooming – Gestures

Legs – Relaxed, shoulder’s width apart

Feet- Pointed toward you

2. Manly Mannerisms

You’ll know he is trying to impress you when he moves into his classic courtship stance:

– Head slightly tilted to one side – Legs spread about shoulders width apart – Chest out, gut in – Hands at their side, maybe thumbs hooked in belt loops

3. Pretty Boys

Guys preening themselves is cute — guess that’s why it’s flirting gesture. Common male grooming flirting signals:

– Adjusting their collars, sleeves, socks – Smoothing their hair

4. Other Body Language Cues and Gestures

– Anything gesture that makes him “seem” bigger (wide arm gestures, stretching, etc.) – Turning his body towards you, feet pointed towards you.

Keep in mind these are only guidelines and suggestions, every person is different — compare body language observations to base behavior before drawing serious conclusions.

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