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Modern Warefare 3 Online Multiplayer Pre-views, Leaks and Teasers

Sneak Peaks, Pre-Order Info, Important Links | PS3, XBOX, Wii

Attention Call of Duty fans — Modern Warefare 3 is coming soon. November 8, 2011 to be exact. MW3 will be co-released with the upcoming “Elite” multiplayer system. Here is info on pre-ording, plus plenty of links to sneak peaks, gossip, weapons list and more.

Current Black Ops Online Multiplayer gamers will notice quite a few differences in this up-coming MW3 including:

– A complete revamp of the Killstreak rewards system

– Ranking and unlocks system completely revamped and no currency system.

– More focus on guns and groundwar and less on air support.

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– No dive to prone.

Modern Warefare 3 Links

MW3 Official Facebook Page – Get important updates easy by liking this page on facebook.

Modern Warefare 3 – Official site includes sneak peaks, videos, and pre-order info.

MW3 Videos – Sneak peaks at various game features from the official site/ (They also have an official youtube channel.)

MW3 Weapons List – Visual list of weapons and mw3 weapons gossip.

CoD Elite FAQ – Official info about the upcoming “Elite” multiplayer system. Check it out!

Pre- Ordering:

MW3 is coming on November 8th. You can pre-order via to make sure you receive your copy before they all sell-out:


Also you can find pre-order alternatives from the official CoD MW3 site.

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