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Humans are interesting. Brains are interesting. Thinking is fun. Here are some cool reads both here on Blifaloo and other websites about human psychology.

Last update: Feb 11th, 2013 (fixed broken links)

The following serves as an index to all the psychology-related articles on this site. Topics range from “thinking skills” to phobias along with a mish-mash of great reads elsewhere.

Psychology Related Articles and Features on Blifaloo

Sorry this page is a little messy. I will try making it a little easier to navigate the various topics covered in future updates.

I’m working on fleshing this section out including a few new articles about dreams and dreaming… should be ready within the next few months.

school iconGraduate Programs in Psychology – Overview of various psychology graduate programs. Tips on choosing a field of specialty and recommended books.

why lie small iconThe Psychology of Lying – One of the newest features here. What motivates deception, and how often do people lie?

mind iconVictim Psychology – I wish ‘Victim Psychology’ was taught in school…this topic should be required reading. Mostly links to articles outside of this website — but please check them out.

phobia listPhobia Dictionary – Huge list of phobias, plus info on phobia types, treatments and suggested resources and links.

memory iconImproving Memory – Tips to help you remember…you know… that thing you forgot. Great for students or anyone who wants to improve their memory.

get smarterImprove Your Brain Power – Read this to increase your IQ, memory, concentration and general brainpower.

lies iconLying and How to Detect Lies – One of the most popular features on this site. Covers verbal and non-verbal communication, micro expressions, and various forensic psychology topics.

body language iconBody Language – Introduction to non-verbal communication, various body language cues, flirting body language and links to many articles and resources.

insomnia Insomnia – Introduction to insomnia causes, treatments, pros and cons of medication, and tips on getting a better nights sleep.

sleeping patterns Alternative Sleeping Patterns – Polyphasic and Biphasic – If normal (monophasic) sleeping doesn’t work, you may be interested in trying an alternative sleeping pattern.

Interesting Psychology Related Reads Elsewhere

Cool reads about the human mind, behavior and other psychology-related research and theories. Newest finds will be posted to the top of this list for repeat visitors.

The Psychopath Test – Podcast from This American Life. “Recently we heard about this test that could determine if someone was a psychopath. So, naturally, our staff decided to take it. ”

15 Styles of Distorted Thinking – Cognitive distortions that may skew the perception of your self, your relationships and your world.

OCD, Religion and Genetics – What do hand washing, counting, and odd rituals for leaving and entering places have in common? They are both a huge part of religious acts & OCD symptoms…

The Levels of Human Experience – “For example, there are many people who adopt fixed beliefs early in life, become intellectually lazy and then insist that beliefs are all one needs in life… This is called “arrested development.” ”

The Myth of Mental Illness – And if you have the time check out: Is Psychology a Science?

Children of Narcissus – Another good read (whole site is worth checking out & the author’s writings are worth pondering).

This is Your Brain on Metaphors – By Robert Sapolsky “…A single part of the brain processes both physical and psychic pain.”

Why Intelligent People Use More Drugs – From Psychology Today: “…shows a similar association between childhood intelligence and the latent factor for the consumption of psychoactive drugs among Americans…” (OK, this article is iffy factually … but it is interesting)

Great Thinkers in Psychology & Cognitive Science

Links go to subject’s Wikipedia entry or other great source.

Karen Horney – Theory of Neurotic Needs is interesting.

Robert Sapolsky – American scientist and author. Links to some of his articles are listed above.

Carl Jung – Lots of common-knowledge psycho-jargon (for instance: introvert and extrovert) originates from Jung.

Dan Dennett – Philosopher and cognitive scientist. Also see his bio and videos on TED talks.

Recommended Books

Here are my top picks for good books on psychology:


Psychology Related Documentaries & Video Links

Full-length Psychology Documentaries – That you can watch for free online. This is a great site, and has documentaries on every topic imaginable, not just psych related films.

TED Talks about the Brain – Someone already compiled a great list of TED talks about the mind.

Stay tuned…this page is updated often.

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