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Just for Fun -> Online Games -> Racing and Driving Flash Games

Racing & Driving Games

Speed, control and lots of fun.

My favorite unique and fun driving games along with some of my son’s racing favs.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page. Why? — Because this is one of the few arcades on the net without Pop-Up Ads! Games are handpicked by me, my kids, partner, and grandmas.

monster truck game icon

Featured Game: Big Truck Adventures

Big Truck Adventures – Finish the levels while hitting big jumps and flips, using the arrow keys to shift weight.

More Racing & Driving Games:

A growing collection of online flash racing games :

box racers gameBox Racers – Cute, simple racing on one wheel.

big truck cargoBig Trucks 2– Race to the checkpoints without spilling cargo.

dirt bike racingMini Dirt Bikes – Collect stars & stay level. Similiar to Big Trucks.

mario racingMario Racing – Choose from 8 characters and race.

superbike racing    SuperBike GP – 1st person super speedy bike racing.

 Mini Nitros – Fun racing game by FreeOnlineGames.

boat raceBoat Rush – Control the boat without hitting land.

street driftStreet Drifting – Finish in the top 3 to progess to the next level.


Don’t forget to check back often as I try to add new games as well other great content on a regular basis. Please contact Blifaloo if something is broken.

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