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Each “riddle challenge” is a set of progressively harder riddles. Research clues to find the “password” and progress to the next puzzle.

Over a million visitors have attempted to start one of the 3 Riddle Challenges — with only a small percent actually making it to the end and solving the final puzzle.

Are you smart enough to complete one of these challenges?

Bonus points if you complete all three sets. (Each set contains 5-8 individual puzzles).

Are you smart enough to make it to the end?

History, Mythology, Psychology, Poetry, Literature with a sprinkling of Geekology and Pop-Culture; you’ll explore these subjects and others in order to complete each challenge.

Remember to read the instructions and tips completely before starting.

riddles 2010 icon

Riddle Challenge 2010
The latest batch of puzzles are waiting to be solved. Are you smart enough to complete the entire set of 5 unique puzzles?

riddles part 2 icon

Riddle Challenge 2005

Popular follow-up to the original challenge. This is the longest set, with 8 groovy puzzles to drive you nuts.

riddle challenge

The Original Riddle Challenge

Blifaloo’s Original Puzzle/Riddle Challenge Thingy
This is my first set of 5 puzzles that got it all started.

Blifaloo’s Visual Riddle Challenge Thingies General Hints and Tips:

Blifaloo’s Notes: Each individual puzzle has multiple clues. Find the clues, then research the clues.

All answers should be entered in lowercase (no caps).

Use the whole page for each puzzle to look for clues, not just what appears to be the actual puzzle.

Some clues and hints are hidden.

Tools that might help: google, thesaurus, dictionary, your brain.

If you are totally lost, check out – the forums there have folks who enjoy puzzles and might give you a hint or two, if you give them a burrito.

You could also try our boredom forum.

Teachers: you are welcome to make your students do my riddles for homework.