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Teleporting Cards

A Card Trick

This is a moderately easy to learn and implement trick…with little practice you can master it.

Materials Needed:

1 Standard Card Deck Group of people sitting at a table with chairs

How the Trick Appears:

The magician shows the audience a normal card deck and asks an audience member to replace the card on the top of the deck.

Then that person is asked to stand up, and the magician deals the top card and a few more onto the table. The person is asked to place his/her hands on top of the these cards to “prevent them from moving”.

The magician then tosses a few cards onto the person who is standing’s chair. The magician tells the audience that the chosen card has teleported right from the under the person’s hands on the table to on their chair.

When checked the card is in the person’s chair, and not on the table!

How the Trick Works:

When the person chooses their card and is looking/memorizing it, the magician takes the bottom half of the card deck and flips it over so that it is face up, but still beneath the top half.

After the card is placed on top of the deck, and the audience member is asked to stand up. When he/she stands up, the magician flips the deck over so their card is now at the bottom and other cards are now at the top.

The magician deals these random top cards to the table…and as he asks the audience member to place his/her hands on those cards, the magician secretly flips the deck over once more so that the chosen card IS on top of the deck.

These are the cards dealt to the chair, and is how the illusion is created.

Notes: Practice this trick before performing. It’s easy to get confused on how a card trick works just from reading about it.

Having a deck of cards in your hands as you try and learn the tricks on this page will make it much easy to learn, understand, and then master.

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