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Thread from Eye Magic Trick

Try to find information about this common trick on the internet, and you will find people telling others that the trick is just too dangerous to perform. These cautionary words refer to the method of REALLY swallowing a piece of thread in a way to get it the nooks and crannies of your sinus cavities and then out of the eye socket. It’s very similar to the how some people can squirt “swallowed” liquids out of their eye.

Yeah, that is possible — Yes it is dangerous; stupid dangerous. But that is NOT the method that modern magicians use to achieve this illusion.

How the Trick Really Works

Before performing, you will need to do a little prep work (and practice).

The trick is that the string is covertly attached to your eye and the thread coiled & hidden in between your index finger and thumb which slowly released to achieve the effect of thread actually coming out of your eye.

Start by using very very thin, but visible thread. You have 2 technical issues to work out. First how to secretly attach a piece of thread to your eye, and then how to conceal the string in between your finger & thumb.

Just balling/coiling up a length of thread and holding it in between the index finger and thumb, plus a bit of practice pulling it out slowly and evenly should do the trick. You could get fancy and use a gimmick like a Thumb Tip (again find one at any online magic shop) or create your own gimmick.

To attach the thread to your eye, you are going to need to be creative. The best way I’ve discovered is using fake eyelash glue — find it wherever they sell fake eyelashes. Look for a quick drying variety.

You attach the thread to your eye after you pretend to swallow a piece of thread. (After it’s in your mouth, hide it under your tongue or other spot). So… after “swallowing” the thread bring your hands up to your face, you should be giving the illusion that you are concentrating and working that string through your sinus cavities. As you make motions with your hands around the bridge of your nose… you attach the thread to your eye. I suggest in the inside corner of your eye, just a tiny bit above your eyelashes.

Figure out which way works for you the best: applying the glue to the string just before attaching it, or having the glue on a finger tip to apply to the eye first.


Play around and experiment with material, thickness and colors for the thread to find the one that works best.

Look the part — a great way to make the thread attached to your eye supremely covert is to use eyeliner on your upper lid. Think Criss Angel. Go with quality liquid stuff that doesn’t smudge.

Guys — lots of male stage magicians wear eye makeup, don’t be shy.

Performance Tips:

Now you need to make it look like the thread is coming out of your eye rather than your fingers. My tips: practice, practice, practice in front of a mirror. Watch videos of other magicians performing the same trick to see their motions and patter. Always keep the thread taut as you appear to be pulling it out of your eye.


Although you are using a glue made attaching things to your eyes, you are going to want to proceed with care and be sure to read and follow the notes that come in the package.

Try this trick at your own risk.


Comments, questions, let us know below. 🙂