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puzzle cubeBrain Teasers, Mind Games, Riddles & Puzzles

Are You Smart Enough?

One of the most effective ways to improve your memory, concentration and general brain power is to exercise your mind.

We want you to be smart. Please be smart. Exercise your brain and enhance your mind with the following puzzles and riddles.

Exercise Your Brain with one of these Fun Activities:

riddle challenge

Interactive Riddle Challenges <- Visual & Difficult
Like a challenge? Is the average riddle a bit too elementary for you? You should try to complete "Blifaloo's Riddle Challenge Puzzle Thingy".


brain game icon

Brain Training, Educational & Learning Games *cool*
Try these Free Online Flash Puzzle games that make you think.
Riddles, logic, math and other brain teasing fun. Compete for high scores.


Quick Puzzles and Riddles:

These shouldn't take you too long to figure out:


matchstick checkerboard icon
Matchstick Checkerboard

Can you figure out this original puzzle by Peter Grabachuk - Move three matchstick to get nine squares. By Peter Grabarchuk.


cube riddle

Enlace Cube
The Blue and Red lines enlace the yellow cube, as shown.
Which line is longer? Also by Peter Grabarchuk.


sequence riddle

Heather's Riddle
My girlfriend showed me this puzzle recently. She said that it generally takes adults much longer to figure it out than children. Can you figure out the next image in the sequence?

More Puzzle & Riddle Sets:

Try these rebus puzzles, the name might not be familiar -- but I'm sure you have probably solved a few of them in your life. Matchstick puzzles are fun too.

rebus riddles
Rebus / Pictograph Puzzles
The name may not be familiar but you have probably solved a rebus (or pictograph) riddle before.

The goal is to deduce the answer by picking up visual cues from the riddle's content. Can you solve all of them?

matchstick puzzles

Matchstick Puzzles
With a box of matches (or toothpicks), you can test your wits, or entertain & baffle your friends and family.


Improve Your Memory and Brain Power:

Articles and special features here on Blifaloo related to improving your brain power:

to-do list icon
Improving Memory

Want to learn how to improve your memory, concentration and general brainpower? Also read our guide to Boosting Brain Power.


Less thinky, more clicky-clicky games:

Connect 2 - Personal favorite, I've wasted hours on this game.

  hard boiled icon

Hard Boiled- Work your way through these 45 Mini-Games.

Bored? Learn Something Useful:

card magic

Gold Investing for Beginners - Options for gold investments, historical price charts, online investing info.

Computer Tips & Help - Collection of how-to guides and other useful computer tips

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 is all about boredom relief through puzzles, games, science, interesting ideas, fun activities and much more. Check out cool stuff Blifaloo.

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