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Random Stuff & Links:

Various things that don’t fit elsewhere on Blifaloo…plus half finished projects, links to things I find funny or interesting, etc. Need to waste five minutes? Learn something, play a game, or just zone out with these interesting time wasters.

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Page updated: Dec. 28th / 2010

Stuff on Blifaloo

Bored? 33 Ways to Waste Time Online <– new

Canadian State Holidays

Wii Stuff

Magic Trick Resources & Links

Page for Vancouver Islanders

Resource guide for using torrents

Music I think is worth listening to

Edible Mushrooms of Vancouver Island

Optical Illusions Info and Links

Learn Something Interesting :

Win carnival games How to Beat Carnival Games You can do it, man!

phobiasPhobia Dictionary Comprehensive list of fears and general phobia info.

Links Worth Clicking (Other Sites)

Awkward Family Pet Photos – The name says it all. Another site to relieve boredom.

blifaloo on deviantART – Not me. The other Blifaloo. But, I like the art, and I like the name.

Tetris Dreams – from scientific american

Find the history and meaning of your given (first) name.

Evolution is just a theory, right? (Wikipedia article about human vestigiality)

Magical Thinking

Children of Narcissus – good read (whole site is worth checking out & the authors writings are worth pondering).

Pixlr – Online graphics editor. It’s faster than photoshop! – comics, illustrations, strangeness.

Imagining the 10th Dimension – interesting

Hassle Me – Friendly reminder service. Get nagged for free.