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Detecting Lies – Research and Resources

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Lying Articles, Links, Videos and More

Since publishing How to Detect Lies, I receive tons of email from students, writers and researchers requesting more information on lie detection.

Visitors have asked about or commented on body language, statement analysis, micro expressions, forensic psychology, etc.

This led me to researching and creating more articles, and now “How to Detect Lies” has grown into 5+ part series.

In addition, you’ll find tons of related articles, videos, book suggestions and web sites of interest if you are searching for more detailed information. (Last update: February 2024.)

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However, I am not an expert on lie detection … just an information gatherer & publisher. (and mom) This page is for those who, like me, need as much information on a topic as possible.

I’ve worked to put together thoroughly researched articles with lots of illustrations and tons of links, videos and books for those looking to study the nitty-gritty of the subjects covered here.

Lucky for you, I have even managed to get an expert guest author: Mark McClish. You’ll find his introduction to statement analysis really interesting. There are also plenty of links for those interested in studying forensic psychology.

Videos dealing with a range of topics from polygraphs to statement analysis can also be found near the bottom of the page along with recommended books on lies and deception.

Lie Detection Information – How to Detect Lies

Features here on Blifaloo. A selection of articles covering different theories of lie detection, both through body language gestures and verbal cues. Broken into 5 tasty parts for easy digestion.

General Lying Cues & Body Language:

detecting liesHow to Detect Lies (part 1) <– Popular Learn the secrets to become a human lie detector. General overview of both verbal and non-verbal cues that signal deception. This has long been the most popular article on

lying eyesEye Movement and Lying (part 2) How to tell if someone is lying based on the movements of their eyes. Read the research behind this theory of eye direction and what it can reveal about our inner state of mind.

micro expressionsMicro Expressions and Lying (part 3) Micro Expressions betray us when we lie. We can try to cover our feelings with fake smiles, but involuntary face muscles reveal this hidden emotions. Good introduction with plenty of links and resources.

Forensic Linguistics:

statement analysisStatement Analysis – Intro and Resources (part 4) Introduction to the process used by investigators for analyzing a person’s words to determine if the subject is being truthful or deceptive. By guest author Mark McClish, Retired U.S. Secret Service Federal Marshall.

never iconStatement Analysis Unique Words: “Never”  (part 4b) Detecting Deception Using Statement Analysis. Mark McClish explains how the word “never” can be a signal of deception…if you know what to look (or listen) for.

actually iconUnique Words: “Actually” (part 4c) When people use the word “actually” they are comparing two thoughts. Take a look at the following article for Mark McClish’s expert take on this unique word in its relation to deception.

Word nerd? You may also be interested in my Linguistics Resource page.

The Psychology of Lies:

lying whyThe Psychology of Lying – (part 5) <– Newest Why do people lie, and how often? Also touches on pathological liars along with further resources on the web and recommended books.

Also see: More Psychology Related Features on Blifaloo

Lie Detection / Forensic Psychology Info & Links:

Newest Link:

Three Kinds of Deception – Podcast by This American Life. “A story of self-deception, a story about deceiving others, and a story about accidental deception. And how one type of deception can easily turn into another.”

Wikipedia Articles on: Lie Detection , Voice Stress Analysis , Truth Drugs , Polygraphs and Micro Expressions

Micro Expressions and Lying Researchers & Writers:

Dr. David Matsumoto – Researcher of emotions, facial expressions, nonverbal behavior and micro expressions. See his website and blog featuring micro expression videos, info, resources & training.

Dr. Paul Ekman – Pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. Developed FACS. Also see: Ekman’s Website , Books by Paul Ekman on Also see the Wizards Project.

The Eyes for Lies Blog & Website – Website of a “Truth Wizard”.

Statement Analysis / Linguistic Forensics:

Also known as Discourse Analysis, a very interesting field applied linguistics.

Mark McClish – Statement Analysis expert offers training and related software.

Verbal Analysis vs Body Language – Mark McClish explains the importance of linguistic cues and the roll of non-verbal gestures in interrogative investigations.

Forensic Linguistics – Entry on Wikipedia.

Lie Detection Criticisms and Controversy:

Skeptics Dictionary on Polygraphs , NLP & might as well read Psychology while your at it 🙂

Acronyms to Know:

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming

VSA – Voice Stress Analysis

FACS – Facial Action Coding System

Forensic Psychology

The interest in careers for psychology students within the field of law and criminal justice have been rising in the last decade. The salary for Forensic Psychologist: reports a range that started at $42,800 to $82,672+.

Links and resources dealing with forensic psychology:

BBC on Forensic psychology – Quick overview with main concepts.

Forensic Psychology on Wikipedia – More in-depth guide.

Graduate Programs in Psychology – Overview of various psychology graduate programs including forensic psychology. Tips on choosing a field of specialty and recommended books.

Online Video Clips – Lie Detection, Micro Expressions, Forensic Linguistics

Newest vids will be added to the top of their own section.

Forensic Linguistic Profiling – TEDx talk by Harry Bradford.

Steve Van Aperen on How to detect lies – tips on how to spot a liar.

Paul Ekman video about lying and micro expression research.

Truth Wizards – Excerpt from the documentary “Exposed – Liars”.

More Vids on Detecting Lies

Polygraph Videos:

Michael Shermer Tests the Polygraph and Lie Detection Part 1 | Part 2 – Can the polygraph machine really scientifically measure if someone is lying, or are all those graphs and numbers just pseudo science in the service of law enforcement?

How to Beat a Polygraph Test –’s George Maschke speaks with Nick Frost about how to fool a polygraph.

Mythbusters on Lie Detection: Always fun to watch.

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