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Fog & Frost Free Windsheilds and Windows ——————————————

A simple do-it-yourself formula for windshields and other windows, mirrors, etc…

If you have a hooptie car like my van, you have experienced the pain of a foggy or frosty windshield that seems to take forever to defog/defrost. There are commercial products you can get at an automotive store…. but why buy something when you can make it yourself? 🙂

This same solution can be applied to your bathroom mirrors and other glass surfaces with the same results.

Keep windows clean by wiping down the windows every two weeks with glass cleaner. Vapor from interior plastic forms a film inside the windows that dims visibility and attracts moisture. 2. Cut down moisture by shaking water from your umbrella and knocking snow from your shoes before getting in your vehicle. With less moist air inside, there’s less work for the climate control system to do. 3. Don’t recirculate air with the recirculation option on your climate control. By not allowing fresh air inside the car, the “old,” warm, moist air stays inside longer; when it hits a cool glass surface of your window, your windshield fogs.


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