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Computer Quick Tips:

Resize multiple photos quick & easy — find the ImageResizer.exe Download, Run. Next time you select more photos you can right-click and see a “Resize Pictures” option. It’s fast and easy!

Common Sense isn’t Common:

Myth: Ice cubes can cool your pool. Fact: Take your pool’s volume in gallons and divide by 1000. Multiply that number by the amount of degrees you would like to cool your pool water. Multiply that number by 44. That will tell you approximately how many pounds of ice you need to add.


Odds and Ends:

What is Moore’s Law?

Moore’s Law is a prediction stating the processing power of the computer chip will double every eighteen months. Gordon Moore, cofounder of the Intel Corportation obsevered this pattern in 1965 and the “Law” has held it’s credibility until present time. Most scientist expect Moore’s law to stand for at least 10 more years.

Where did the term “Computer Bug” come from?

Top 10s

Top 10 Religious Beliefs (by followers)

1. Christianity 2,050,616,000

2. Islam 1,239,029,000

3. Hinduism 836,543,000

4. NonReligion 780,557,000

5. Buddism 367,538,000

6. Ethnic Religion 234,341,000

7. Atheism 150,804,000

8. New Religion 104, 280,000

9. Sikhism 24, 124,000

10. Judaism 14,670,000

David B. Barrett & Todd M. Johnson, Internation Bulletin of Missionary Research January 2002.


Countries With Largest Defense Budgets

1. US 291,100,000,000

2. Russia 44,000,000,000

3. Japan 40,400,000,000

4. UK 34,000,000,000

5. Saudi Arabia 27,200,000,000

6. France 25,300,000,000

7. Germany 21,000,000,000

8. China 17,000,000,000

9. India 15,600,000,000

10 Italy 15,500,000,000


Countries with Highest Life Expectancy

1. Andorra 83.5

2. San Marino 81.5

3. Japan 81.1

4. Singapore 80.5

5. Australia 80.2

6. Sweden 80.1 Switzerland 80.1

8. Canada 79.9 Iceland 79.9

10. Italy 79.4 Liechtenstein Monaco

Source: US Census Bureau, Internation Data Base Life Expectancy at birth (2004)


A rancher had 16 cattle all but nine died, how many did he have left?

How many months have 30 days in them?

There are 10 green socks, and 8 blue socks mixed up in a drawer. What is the least number of socks you can pull out (without looking) and be certain of getting a matching pair. Three — Worst case the first two would be a green and a blue, the third making a pair.

Do some palindromes.

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“Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Unknown