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One day I may organize this a little better... but for now, this section of Blifaloo is a haphazard attempt at sharing some of my favorite toys, books and other things I deem awesome.

New: Blifaloo's Guide to Shopping Online <- my favorite shops and tips for those new to buying things from the internet.

I have a huge of range of hobbies and interests that readers of this site may enjoy as well. (If you purchase something from a link to Amazon or Thinkgeek, I get a commission.)

Cool Puzzles from Thinkgeek: - has a wicked selection of interesting puzzles and games - check them out. puzzles for boredom

Technology as Boredom Relief:

Flip Video is revolutionizing digital media with this nifty line of products.

Everything is instant! No loading, no BS. Imagine: you turn on this thing, push the big red button to record, push that button again to stop. Push the play button to watch what you just recorded.

I hooked it up to my computer and was able to automatically upload videos right to YouTube or email.

The thing is sturdy, too. I let my kids (10, 8 and 6 years old) run around and make their own videos all the time. Bored kids? Stick a video camera in there hands -- they'll be occupied for hours (and hours). Once a week or so, I plug it into my TV and watch the videos my kids have made by themselves - it's always hilarious.

This makes video so easy to take, view, organize, share, etc... that it is partially replacing my digital camera. Video is the new photo!

Want a really nifty gift for a kid that's cooler than an iPod and waaaay cheaper?

The Cowon D2 has an amazing amount of features for the price. I bought it for my daughter's 10th birthday, and the whole family is jealous. Some features:

- Wicked awesome sound quality (wow, can really hear the difference between this and my other MP3 players).

- Touch screen technology (like the iPhone & Nintendo DS).

- Flash player built in - That means you can download games and load them right onto your Cowon D2 - AND use the touch screen to play them. I found a zip file online containing over 50 compatible games.

- Plays videos in super-awesome quality.

That all said, the kids like the touch screen a lot more than I do, I wouldn't get one for myself. I think teens & kids will appreciate the features more than adults.

Upcoming Hobbies:

Metal detecting!

I'm still deciding which metal detector to buy -- the choices are endless and the options confusing.

After reading forums, amazon reviews, etc., these are a couple of my top choices. Both have really good reviews and seem to be good starter models.

Camping, beachcombing, rock climbing, hiking... I see my future metal detector coming with my on all my expeditions.

Something about all those buttons, displays and dials gets me hot. :D


Books for Temporary Boredom Relief

Yeah, these books are for kids - but you are only as old as the last time you changed your mind. Get these books for your kid, nephew, niece, etc -- and learn something cool together with them.


These books are filled with experiments, skills(ranging for useful to silly), activities, ideas, interesting facts and more. If you like this site (magic tricks, games, illusions, fun info, etc. etc... these books are right up your alley.


-------- That's all for now. When time permits, I will update this with more of my favorite books, gadgets and more. Also see Music Worth Listening To

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