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magic tricks

Cool Magic Tricks

Easy Magic Trick Tutorials


Looking to perform amazing magic tricks like David Blaine, Criss Angel and other famous magicians? You have found a great place to begin.

Here are some quick and easy magic tricks for you to learn and try.

They serve as good introductions to mentalism, coin tricks, levitation, street magic and more.

You may also want to check out some of other magic resources and free magic trick downloads including magic trick ebooks with 100s of tricks.

New:hand icon Handy Guide to Sleight of Hand - Understand these seven principles of magic as explained by Penn and Teller.

Thread from Eye

Forty Cents

Coin Bite

Easy Levitation

Cigarette Master

Take the Money and Run

Coin Detection

Used Match

Palm Pass Through

Grandma's Ash

Real Mind Reading

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Coin/Money Tricks    Other Magic Tricks

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valuable pennies

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