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Android Tips, Security, Top Apps and more

Android is a popular Linux-based OS for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Android has a large community of developers producing apps (software) that extend the functionality of the devices.

As of March 2012, there are 450,000+ apps available for Android. With such fast growth, it can be hard to get to started understanding the features available for Android. This page is an index to everything Android – from security to performance tips, and even App recommendations.

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1. Android Security – Tips on keeping your Android device virus free, and how to avoid hackers and other security risks.

2. Optimize Android – How to speed up the performance on your Android phone or other device, plus tips to save battery life.

3. Rooting Android – Intro to what “rooting android” means, pros and cons, and advice on rooting your Android device.

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1. Android Security

Rogue apps are responsible for a growing proportion of malware and virus distribution. Here are important precautions and tips to help keep your data and personal info secure and avoid viruses on your Android powered devices.

Research before you Download any App

Also: avoid hacked/pirated versions of an app — along with the websites that promote these. This is how the majority of malware infections on Android scatter.

Understand Permissions

Anti-Virus and Security Software Apps

Up until very recently, anti-viral software for Android has been notoriously useless. If you are a computer-saavy user, who understand security risks and how to avoid them – you may not even need a security program.

However, for the average user who doesn’t understand the risks targeting mobile users — a security program can be a lifesaver (or at least personal data saver).

Here are my top picks for Android Security / Anti-Virus Apps: (links go to detail page on Google Play)

Avast Free Mobile Security – Free, and full-featured Antivirus and Anti-Theft security for your Android phone.

Dr. Web Anti-Virus Lite – Free, with pro version available at a cost. Protect your precious handheld from viruses and malware!

IKARUS Lite – Free and popular choice for mobile security.

Other Android Security Tips

Leave the Unknown Sources option disabled in the Android settings.

Avoid using public Wi-Fi — especially if you do not understand the risks of using public Wi-Fi. Advanced users might consider using a Firewall for Android, but Firewall apps for Android generally require a rooted device. (See rooting android section for more info)

Optimize Android

2. Optimize Android – Make Android Faster!

Top Tips, Apps and Tutorials to speed up your Android powered phone /device.

Turn off GPS – Having GPS enabled continually (24/7) uses power and system resources. Disabling GPS will save battery life, too.

Navigate to: Settings -> Location and uncheck the GPS sattiltes box.

Turn off effects, live backgrounds and widgets – These slow down the performance of your device. You can increase overall performance by removing fancy effects, widgets and live backgrounds.

To turn off effects go to: Settings -> Display -> Animations and switch to “No Animations”. You may also turn off the “Screen Animations” on some versions.

Turn off and manage processes / tasks – You can turn off background running processes that are unnecessarily. The latest versions of Android, allows for easier app killing.

Navigate to: Settings -> Applications -> Running services

From here you can see which apps have processes running, and you can stop any of them with the Force Stop option.

There are also a variety of apps that help manage background processes:

Easy Task Killer is a popular current choice among Android users to kill processes, and it’s free.

Make Android Start Faster (and run faster, in general) – Article from that explains how to manage background processes, which can boost start-up speed. The article is from 2010, and the Apps it recommends to manage processes are a bit out of date…but gives a bit of depth on how they work.

Have a look at SystemPanel App / Taskmanager for Android — a very popular app that manages processes and includes other useful system tools to optimize performance. The Lite version is free and great, with the paid version being $2.99

Delete Unwanted Apps

Unused apps are just taking up space and processing power. Remove the apps you do not use.

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications

Rooting Android

3. Rooting Android – What does Root Android mean?Root Android

Root is, simply, administrator access on your phone / device.

Root allows you to do things that you can’t do normally. With a bit of research and root access you can increase performance, create full backups of your phone/device, and even overclock your CPU.

Rooting is not recommended for Android newbies.

Pros and Cons and Rooting Android:


– More control and available apps

– Ability to overclock CPU

– Geek+ point awarded automagically


– Voids the warranty of your Android-powered device (phone, tablet, etc)

– Not for newbies or technically challenged

– Could break your phone

How To Root Android

You are not actually rooting Android, rather you are rooting your Android-powered device.

So, the best advice on rooting is specific to your phone / tablet / other device. Although there are various apps that help root your device, your next step should be to look at device-specific info on rooting.

There are unique methods, benefits and precautions for rooting each Android-powered device, so be sure to read up on your specific model before even decided to root.

Do a Google search for “how to root and your device name / model”. For instance if you have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, search for “Samsung Galaxy Nexus root” or “how to root Samsung Galaxy Nexus”. You may also want to search YouTube for video tutorials and information related to your specific device.

4. Android Links, Books and other Resources

I’ll be fleshing this section out soon, stay tuned. Have a comment or question about Andoid? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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