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How to Add Spurl, Furl and to Your WebSite

(Free Code and Graphics)

Here is a very simple piece of javascript you can add to any page that allows (and reminds) your visitors to add your page to their social bookmarks provided by such services as Spurl,, and Furl. The code will automatically open then insert the URL and Title of your page into these site’s forms. Easy for you, and easy for your visitors.

Update: 2024 – This code is probably – no, definitely – out of date. Just keeping this page here for archival purposes. — Blifaloo

The Code:

Copy the above code and place it anywhere on your page. If you host your buttons in a different directory, you will need to change the urls in the above code to match.

You will also need to copy these buttons to your server:

Thanks to Adam Kalsey and his Button Maker which I used as a starting point for the buttons.

If you are running a blog based in php, like wordpress, you can do the same thing with a little bit of PHP code. Here are some resources to add these kinds of buttons to blogs: Bookmarks WordPress plugin

Add Post to or Furl It links in Blogger posts

PS: This is the very first piece of code I have ever written… so I am just happy that it works (tested in Firefox and IE), if you have suggestions on how to improve it, feel free to post your comments below.

Speaking of bookmarking, go ahead and add this page ;):

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