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Amazing but Easy Magic Card Trick Video Tutorialscards

Learn 3 Easy, Self-Working Card Tricks Online For Free

Here are three easy, self-working magic tricks… all with video tutorials. You can’t mess these up!

Each card trick requires nothing more than a regular deck of playing cards and a bit of practice. I chose these particular tricks and tutorials based on their straight-forward nature and easy to understand directions. You’ll also find my tips, plus links to further resources, and a few Magician profiles on who are kind enough to offer these great tricks.

Self-working tricks are the easiest form of magic card tricks. “Self-working” means the trick doesn’t involve gimmicked cards or sleight-of-hand techniques.

If you want to learn more difficult card tricks, I suggest you check out our Handy guide to sleight of hand.

Last update: December 26th, 2023 – If you find any broken videos, please let me know via the contact form on the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Easy Card Trick Video Tutorial 1

You should be able to figure this out on the first go, then practice and impress your friends:

Great trick, and simple to boot. Thanks to mismag822 for the awesome tutorial. Follow that link for more mismag’s card trick tutorials on

Easy Card Trick Video Tutorial 2

Another card trick that anyone can learn and perform:

If this kid can do it, so can you.

Now you can check out XxD4rkM4gicanxX who has tons of great self-working tutorials on — check out some of his other videos by following the link.

Easy Card Trick Video Tutorial 3:

This trick is great — and all you need is a normal deck of cards. Sure to please:

Tip: Make each trick your own by inventing your own special story to go along with the trick. This is the art of “patter”. Patter is the one of the most important features of your magic routine.

You can take an ordinary magic trick (like the card tricks featured on this page) and turn it into a whole theatrical event if you can come up with the right dialogue to assist your performance. See: AtomicZebra’s entry on magic patter