Card Trick Glossary

A collection of some of the most common termonology used by magicians to describe card tricks and there methods:

Break A slight opening secretly in a deck of cards.

Bridge-Sized Deck A deck of cards a bit smaller than a poker deck, measuring 2-1/4’ wide. Often used by magicians, as they are easier to handle and especially to “palm”.

Double Sided Cards Double sided cards which you can buy for many good trick that require such a deck.

Face The face of a card: shows the value (number) and suit.

Face Cards (Picture cards or Court Cards) All jacks, queens, and kings.

False Cut Cutting the deck so that the deck remains in the same order as it was before the cut.

Flourish A display of skill with cards such as a one handed cut, fan, or ribbon spread.

Jog A card is made to secretly protrude from the deck to a slightly to allow the magician to secretly locate it.

Marked Deck A deck a cards with markings on the back to identify the front values.

Palming Concealing a card in the palm of your hand.

Pattering The speach a magician uses to accompany a trick.

Svengali Deck – Made up of half (26) ordinary cards, all different and half short cards all of the same suit and value. Many tricks can be done using this special deck.