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Cigarette Master


You can control a cigarette with your “mind powers” and amaze and confuse drunks.

If you don’t have a smoke, you can use a straw or a pencil. (Straws are perfect for performing this trick in a noisy school cafeteria).

The Trick:

Place a cigarette on a flat surface such as a table or bar. Make sure you talk a whole bunch of silliness about how you can control the object with just your mind. Move your hand back and forth prompting the object to move.

As you suggest with your hand for the object to move away from you, blow quietly at the object to push it. To make the object roll towards you; cup your hand behind the object and blow into your hand. Your breath will bounce off of your cupped hand and be re-directed to the object and it will roll towards to.

Practice this one first to get a good feeling for how and where to place your cupped hand to get the object to roll towards you.