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Call of Duty Black Ops Online Multiplayer Guide & Tips

My Review, Strategies, FAQs, Links and More | PS3, XBOX, Wii

black ops multiplayer I’m a 32 year old mom, and have never been more addicted to a game than CoD Black Ops. Specifically, the online multiplayer part — I haven’t played the story modes or zombies at all.

I’m not a superstar, but I’ve achieved level 50, and can consistently get more kills than deaths. Since CoD Black Ops is the best selling game of all time (sweet eh?), and my short CoD BlOps tips post from the blog garnered so much traffic — I figured it would be worth dedicating an entire page or two to the subject.

Here I’ll share my beginner tips, plus more in-depth strategies and other helpful information for both newbies and those looking to step up their game. I mostly play Team DeathMatch, Ground War, Domination, Free for All and Mercenary Moshpit. My strategy guides on this page are geared towards those game modes, so keep that in mind.

Last updates: Sept. 4th, 2011 – MW3 is almost only a month away (Nov. 8th)! I’ll be covering the multiplayer part of that game as soon as it is released. If you can’t wait, like me…have a look at our MW3 multiplayer guide for a preview.

August 25th, 2011 – more tips, plus links and resources. I’m still addicted (though I only get an hour a two a week of playtime) and am enjoying the benefits of gaining “pro” perks. I’m also playing with completely different gun and class set-ups — stay tuned for some of my newer class set-up strategies.

Class Setups / Loadouts

Here are some of my favorite class setups:

Assault Rifle / Team Player Class

This is my most common set-up. It is a good all round class, works well for Team Deathmatch (TDM), and Domination. Great for just about any map as the AK47/Commando are great both at medium and long range (imo).

Assault Rifle Class Set-up including perks and attachments.

Primary: AK47, Commando or other Assault Riffle.

Secondary: Crossbow, or Rocket Launcher or Pistol (Choice depending Map, game Mode, perks etc)

Perk 1: Hardline – because killstreak rewards are fun and good for helping your team get the win. (I pair this with a pistol as my secondary)

or Ghost (Paired with a launcher of some sorts for stealthy taking out enemy aircraft).

Perk 2: Hardened – Which penetrates objects. Great perk with an assault riffle … blast enemies right through walls. This also goes along with my pick of Hacker as the third perk. The reason is that not only can you see enemy Claymores, C4, and other Tactical equipment (hacker)…you can also shoot and destroy that equipment (Hardened).

Perk 3: Hacker – This has become one of my favorite perks, and it didn’t take long to get hacker pro. Alternatively Marathon might be a good choice for Domination games.

You might be out gunned by a super quick SMG rusher or Shotgun defender in a tight space — but if you are looking for a good for almost any situation / jack of all trades class and gun set-up I recommend you give this a try.

Equipment: Claymore, Concussion and Frag grenades are my most used equipment.

My tips: With assault riffles — shoot in small spurts, otherwise the recoil will draw your aim away from your target. You can get good at shooting long distance with the AK47 or Commando with practice. When you hit a target you might not be able to see it, but you will be able to hear and feel it. I love using this class set-up to take snipers out.

If you haven’t unlocked the AK47 or Commando, the FAMAS is a good alternative. You’ll go through ammo quicker with this gun, and the recoil is harder to control. So, grip and/or extended mags are good attachments with the FAMAS.

SPAS-12 Shotgun Class

If you are looking to try an alternative class set-up, this is a great one. I don’t have much experience with the other shotguns available in Black Ops — so I can’t say if this class set-up would work well with any other shotgun besides the SPAS-12.

SPAS-12 shotgun class setup with perk and attachments illustration

Primary – SPAS-12 Shotgun with the Suppressor attachment.

Secondary – Pistol for when you run out of bullets, or a launcher for taking out enemy planes. Personally, I switch my secondary with the first decent stolen weapon I can find.

Perk 1: Ghost – you need to be invisible so that you can get close to the enemy. Shotguns are super powerful at close-range, but practically useless at medium and long ranges.

Perk 2: Steady Aim – No aiming down sight with the SPAS-12. Just shoot from the hip. 2 hits max to take out an opponent — but it often only takes me 1 shot to take down and enemy.

Perk 3: Hacker – is my first recommendation, as you’ll find clearing out campers and rooms filled with enemies fun with the SPAS-12. Hacker will allow you to see where people are hiding (often marked with claymores).

Equipment: again your choice. I stick with frags for clearing out enemy rooms.

My tips: Get in close…and fire from the hip. Run, hide, reload. Rinse and repeat. Also works great as a defensive class for Domination or other game modes. Though, I’ve had plenty of fun running around and 1-shotting folks on TDM.

Update Aug 19th, 2011 – This class set-up seemed to loose its 1-shot and yer dead ability for me a few weeks after writing this original article. Not sure if there was an update which changed the SPAS-12’s power in some way… or if I was just super lucky for a short period of time with this set-up. Would love to hear from other players (on PS3) who use the SPAS-12 and there class set-up and strategies. Feel free to leave your comments near the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Domination / SMG / Duel Wield Steady Aim Pro Class (Best Class for getting Steady Aim Pro)

This is my current favorite set-up. I went through a lot of guns trying to find one that was easy to fire from the hip (as my SPAS-12 set-up above lost it’s appeal) and I am trying to get Steady Aim Pro. The bonus is that I use duel wield… this is a very fun and fast set-up — give it a try and let me know what you think.

Combined with Lightweight and Steady Aim… you can work on Melee and Backstabber challenges that are needed for the Steady Aim Pro and Lightweight Pro. If you don’t need to work on these Pro challenges like I do, you can try the alternative perks listed here.

Primary: Scorpion w/ Duel Wield ( Mac11 w/Duel Wield is a good alternative) Secondary: Ballistic Knife (as I am going for Melee kills to complete Steady Aim Pro, Lightweight and Marathon Pro challenges)

Perk 1 – Lightweight. Fun and you can out-run damn near anyone in combination with the scorpions or other mobile SMG. Alternative tier-1 perk choice for me is Ghost Pro for being sneaky when taking spots in Domination. I might try using Flak Jacket just to work on the pro challenges for that perk at some point.

Perk 2 – Steady Aim. With duel wield scorpion SMGs this is my only choice for the 2nd Tier perk (I built this whole class and strategy around trying to get Steady Aim Pro). If you go with a single scorpion over the duel-wield, and don’t need the hip fire kills…there are a few 2nd tier perks worth playing with such as Warlord or Sleight of Hand.

Perk 3 – Marathon is fun. Hacker is a good alternative.

Strategy: Run around, fire from the hip, grab positions and keep going.

More Multiplayer Tips:

Spy Plane Killstreak Tips:

Spy Planes last 40 seconds, are visible for 25 seconds and always fly clock-wise. Counter-spy planes also last and are visible for the same amount of time but fly counter clock-wise.

Don’t get over-excited and use a spy plane killstreak reward without assessing the situation first. If an enemy has a counter-spy plane up — it would be useless to call in your spy plane. Also, if an enemy just got a SAM Turret reward…your plane might be shot down just as fast as it got put up.

Sometimes it is best to wait until after you die and respawn to call in your spy plane (or other killstreak rewards) — you will have the time to decide if the timing is right or not.

Other Killstreak Reward Tips:

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Each purchase helps support this site. Thanks!

Rolling Thunder aka Carpet Bombing is a great killstreak reward as it cannot be shot down, and can kill players inside of buildings (unlike napalm, attack helicopters, etc.) Great for

Have another tip? Please add it below in the comments section, thanks!

Black Ops – Common Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Q. Flashbang vs Concussion – Which is better?

A. Concussion is thrown quicker, has a smaller explosive radius, and stuns enemies movement. Flashbangs can be thrown farther, blind targets, but don’t stun enemy movement.

For the average or beginner player: I would go with the quicker to throw and easier to use Concussion. Experienced players will find each has its own benefits and when to use which.

Q. Which Black Ops Map Pack Should I buy? A. They are all good. In general, go for the newest one — as it will have it will have the most people playing it online.

Got a question about Black Ops online? Leave a comment below, and I or other visitors will try to answer it for you.

Black Ops Multiplayer Links and Resources

Need more info on Black Ops? Me too. Here are some of my favorite CoD Black Ops related websites, tutorials, videos, etc that have helped me become a better player:

Black Ops Wiki – The Wikipedia of Call of Duty Black Ops. Very comprehensive.

I am toni42prince on PS3 Black Ops online — feel free to add me as a friend or send a message.

Black Ops Clans — need hosting? me — I’d be happy to sponsor a clan or two that need hosting, domain names, forums, etc.

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