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Puzzle ContestThe Big, Big, Big Puzzle Contest

Are You Smart Enough, To Win Stuff?

Blifaloo is giving away 2 copies of The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers – by The Grabarchuk Family.

I’ve been a fan of the Grabarchuk family’s genius for years. My website visitors will probably recognize the name and puzzle style, as the Grabarchuks have donated a few brain-teasing visual puzzles to our collection.

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Solve the puzzle, Submit your Answer, Win Prizes!

The (Totally Awesome) Prizes:

Grand Prize Package:

Visitors who answer the riddle correctly will be entered into the grand prize draw. will be used to choose the winning email address. One very smart visitor will recieve the following:

1. The Big, Big, Big Book of Brainteasers by The Grabarchuk Family 2. Kindle book (Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes) 3. iOS app (LetsTans Deluxe) 4. A totally rad Postcard from

Runner Up Prize:

Anyone who entered the contest (except the grand prize winner) is eligible for the runner up prize. Even if you get the answer wrong, you still are eligible to win our consolation prize.

Consolation Prize Package:

1. Kindle book (Puzzlebook: 102 Puzzle Quizzes) 2. A totally rad Postcard from


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Rules and the Lawyer Made Me Do It Information:

Contest starts Oct 15th, 2001 and is open for entries until Nov 15th, 2011. This contest is open to everyone except where prohibited by law.

To recieve their prizes, winners must be in a country where ships books (this is almost everywhere). If the winner wishes, their prizes can be shipped to an alternative address.

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More Puzzles by Peter Grabarchuk:

These shouldn’t take you too long to figure out:


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