Easy Levitation

A Simple Object Levitation Magic Tutorial

Learn this neat trick to levitate small objects. Works well as a cool science project too!

First make some really strong salt water, pretty close to 25% water 75% salt (or even more salt).

Then soak a peice of string or thread in it for an hour or two (let it set over night for best results).

Hang the thread from somewhere to allow it to completely dry and straighten.

The Trick:

After you have your super salty but dry peice of string ready, you can perform the trick.

Ask to borrow a small light object from someone such as a ring and tie the string around it and let the ring dangle like a pendulum.

Allow the ring to settle and stop moving. Light the string on fire with a lighter or match… the string will burn but the salt crystals left should hold the ring and it will appear to float.

Note: you might want to wear gloves of some sorts or other protective gear to keep the heat away from your hands.

Some Visitor Comments:

By: Bored Boy – Finally i did it on the second try without burning my hands for fingers at all.

it really does work! i fooled my family GOOD! they are still trying to figure the whole “magic” out!!! sooner or later i will reveale my magic to them but not anytime soon! my friends figured it out.