The Five Card Fan – Card Trick

Classic Card Trick

by Jean Hugard

For an incomprehensible feat that practically works itself, this one is hard to beat. The effect is that five cards are shown to a spectator who notes one mentally. The five cards are partially inserted in the deck and a handkerchief is thrown over all.

The spectator pushes these cards flush which causes several cards to protrude at the rear. These are pushed flush by the magician making some cards protrude at the front. Both repeat the movements until one card only extends from the outer end of the deck. The spectator takes it, still covered by the handkerchief and it proves to be the card thought of.

Arrange five cards in a fan and ask a spectator to remember one. You have the middle card fully exposed and you allow him to get a flash only of the cards so that he can only note that card. Then holding the deck face down in the left hand, open a break at the outer left corner, about the middle, with the left thumb.

Insert the bottom card of the five, letting it protrude about three-quarters of its length. Riffle off one card with the left thumb and insert the next card in the same way. Do the same with the next three, saying that you are putting the cards in different parts of the pack and not letting it be seen that one card only is between each. Square the inner end of the deck and the outer ends of the five protruding cards.

Cover the cards with a handkerchief and instruct the spectator to push the cards flush with the deck. Doing so will force out four cards at the rear. You push these home forcing three cards to protrude from the outer end of the deck. Again the spectator pushes these into the deck, making two cards come out at the rear.

Yon push these in and one card only emerges at the front. This will be the original middle card of the fan. Let the spectator take this card, through the handkerchief, as you draw the deck away. He names the card he thought of, removes the handkerchief and finds that very card in his hand.

From Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard (1934)


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