How to Make Free MP3 Ringtones

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The price of ringtones can add up to big bills, and I’m not interested in paying for the noise that my phone makes.

If you are cheap like me, and have a little bit of computer skills — you can learn to create your own ringtones from any mp3 and use them on your mobile phone absolutely free.

Below you’ll find a few easy ways to create ringtones from your own MP3 song files (and some rants about iPhones).


Sorry, this isn’t the full-featured resource you’ll usually find here on Blifaloo. But, if it gets popular, I will update and expand it.

Make Free Ringtones – Tutorials

One tutorial for Mac users, and another just for PC users:

Make Ringtones on a PC:

Make any Song into a Ringtone – Lifehacker tutorial. Works for anyone with a PC and a mobile phone.

Mac / iPhone Users:

Garage Band Ringtones – You can create custom iphone ringtones using garage band. This tutorial shows how simple Mac users can make ringtones easy. Did I mention iHate iProducts? They completely baffle me — I don’t like paying top dollar to be confuzed. Though I know if you started on Apple products, iStuff probably works just fine and makes sense to you.

I prefer something more like this that runs Windows or Android. For instance, just check the price difference between this Nokia phone and an iPhone: The T-Mobiles Lumia 710 smartphone for ringtones, 4G gaming, and more — at a fraction of the price.

Ringtone Making Online Apps:

There are tons of these online — but I haven’t found one that is free, works well, and doesn’t require you to sign up for membership.

Be careful if you decide to use an online service for making and sending a ringtone to your phone. There is often small print and reoccurring charges.

If anyone knows of a good service, please email me, would like to be able to point my website visitors to such a service.

More Mobile / Cell Phone Info and Resources:

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