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Well lookie thar. It is the video game reviews for 2011, even though it is 2024. By my calculations that is 13 years after the fact. But hey, better late than never. I mean, I just picked up this web page and started whipping it back into shape. 2011? Give me a break.

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Video Game Reviews and Guides

Blifaloo’s Video Game Picks, Reviews, Recommendations & Tips

This page serves as an index to my video game reviews and related content. We are a gamer family of five and have built a vast collection of PS3 and Wii games over the past few years. Click on a link below to read the full review plus tips.

Mortal Kombat 2011 | PS3, XBOX – My review, plus tips and links to cheats and unclockables. If you loved the original Mortal Kombat (arcade, Genesis, Super NES) — I think you’ll love this new version.

Mario Kart | Wii – Tips to help you beat your friends plus unlockable characters and other secrets. This is definately a must-own for any Mario Kart fan.

Call of Duty Black Ops – Online Multiplayer | PS3, XBOX, Wii, PC – The online features make this game worth owning, though we bought it because of the zombie-killing game modes. Check out my COD multiplayer tips for beginners and links to full strategy guides. Quick “BlOps” tips also on my blog.

Quick Reviews (with full review’s and tips) in the works:

Some of my top picks and favorite games:

The Shoot | PS3 – I bought the PlayStation Move after playing this game at a friend’s house. This is the arcade-quality shooting gallery style game that the Wii should of made by now.

Punch-Out | Wii – This remake of “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” for NES does not disappoint. Nostalgia-riffic…fun and cartoony. Love it, but for the price there should of been more opponents in career mode. My recommendation: Buy used.

Red Dead Redemption | PS3 – Amazing game! The game is very open-ended, letting users concentrate on features they like. Gambling, hunting, shoot outs… even Zombies with the expansion pack. Some of the best and most realistic graphics I have seen in any game.


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