Half Pack Reverse Card Trick by Jean Hugard

Having secretly reversed the bottom card, hold the pack face down in the left hand. Cut at about the center, opening the pack bookwise, the backs of the cards to the front.

A moment before you separate your hands slide the bottom card of the right hand packet face up on top of the lower portion and at once turn the left hand over towards the right, showing this reversed card which will appear to be the bottom card of that packet. The move is covered by an upward motion of both hands as the cut is made.

Show both packets back and front. They appear to be perfectly regular and that in the right hand is, hut the left hand packet has a card reversed both at the top and bottom. Turn this packet face up and on it place the right hand packet face down, so that the packets overlap about half way. Hold them in this position vertically, right thumb at bottom and fingers on the top. The original reversed bottom card is towards the audience and the card reversed in the cut faces you. Show the packets back and front and it will appear that half faces downwards, the other half upwards.

If the two visible cards that face one another in the middle are of the same color you say that they should differ, or if they differ say that they should be alike; in either case, still holding the packets vertically, slide out the faced card of the lower packet, turn it over and insert it in the top packet. “That’s better,” you say, and at once push the two packets together, square the deck and hold it face down.

Pull out the bottom card and with it fan the deck, then drop it face down on top. Spread the cards out on the table with a flourish. All of them face the same way.

From Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard (1934)