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How Do You Know…

Blifaloo’s Answers to Common Questions / Fun with Google Suggestions

According to Google Webmaster Tools keyword reports on this site, I recently shot up in the search results for the term “How do you know”. My guess is the popularity of “How do you know if someone is lying” has trickled over into more general search results.

I started exploring the question “How do you know”, by checking Google’s suggestions… there are some suprizing, funny, but also important questions that I will explore and attempt to answer to the best of my ability on this page.

How Do You Know If….

Here are the top suggestions Google gave me for “How do you know if…?”:

Google suggestions for "How do you know if..."

Q. How do you know if a girl / woman likes you?

Does she laugh at your stupid jokes?

Seriously. I can tell when a girl likes a guy because she finds almost anything he says interesting…or pretends to during early courtship. Guys often shrug this off and just think these girls realize their awesomeness. But really, they are over-looking a guy’s lameness — and that is the biggest tell. Also see: Flirting Body Language.

Q. How do you know if a boy/man likes you?

Guys will find a way to show / tell how awesome and manly they are. The more ego-driven their conversation is with a women…the more likely they find the girl attractive… and the testosterone comes out of their mouths like verbal diaharea. Also see: Male Body Language and Flirting

Q. How do you know if you are pregnant?

Home pregnacy tests are cheap and easy to find. If you can’t afford it, you can probably find free testing through a local women’s center or free clinic. Give yourself a break from the stress of thinking you may or may not be pregnant — and find out for sure…now!

I have 3 kids… and can tell you that there is no simple way to tell if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test.

Yes, you can still have periods when you are pregnant. For my 2nd pregnancy, I had periods for the first 3 months of my pregnancy…it can happen, and it does. So, just ’cause you are still bleeding, doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant.

Here are some common symptoms of pregancy: Swollen and tender breasts, Darkening of the nipples, Swollen feet. Morning sickness can start as early as 2 weeks after conception, but more likely will appear around the second month.

Just get a pregnancy test!

How Do You Know What…

And Google suggests:

Q. How do you know what size condom to buy?

Most guys will fit regular size condoms just fine. They stretch. A lot. Some guys prefer a slightly larger size (Magnums or whatever), as they find they don’t break as easy. However, most sex educators recommend a snug fit for safety’s sake.

Also see: Sex Statistics, Facts and Measurements and Penis Size Charts

How Do You Know When…

Another look into the collective conciousness of Google suggestions:


Check back soon, and we’ll be answering some of these important questions…and maybe some silly ones, too.

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