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Human Tricks:

Tricks to Try, Videos, Magic, Shadow Puppets, Juggling and more

A collection of my favorite feats of skill, practice and know-how. Also some silly BS. Are these Stupid Human Tricks or Awesome Human Tricks? I will let you decide.


Ripping a Phone Cord in Half –

Toilet Plunger Kick –

More Stupid Human Tricks

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shadow puppetsHand Shadow Puppets

Anyone can do a bird hand shadow, but check out these tricky (but learn-able) hand shadow puppets. Practice now to be able to entertain your friends and family next time the electricity goes out.

magic tricksSleight of Hand Skills

Penn and Teller illustrate the main techniques used by magicians and con-artists. Also see: How to Palm Cards and the rest of the magic trick section on this site if you are interested.

carnival gamesHow to Beat Carnival Games

Tips to win a knock-off stuffed animal or dusty 2LiveCrew vanity mirror…Learn how to climb tricky rope ladders, beat the guess your birth month game, knock down bottles and which games at the fair are fair.

How to Juggle 3 Balls – Juggling is one of my favorite hobbies, and probably my favorite human trick. I learned from watching tutorials on – only took me a day of serious trying to get 3 balls down.

A short video of me juggling 3 balls aafter about a year of practice.

More Human Tricks

Recommended links outside of this site. (links will open in a new window or tab). Websites, articles and other links of interest. New finds added to the top of this list for returning visitors:

Pen Twirling

Zippo Tricks

Recommended Reading

A few books I’ve read recently that you might be interested in:

More Human Tricks Books:

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More Linguistics Books on

You can also look for books on

Videos of Interest about Linguistics

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chomsky langauge vid iconThe Idea of Universality in Linguistics and Human Rights featuring Noam Chomsky & Elizabeth S. Spelke at MIT.

“If humans have a common, in-born capacity for language, and for such complex behaviours as morality, might the faculties be somehow linked?”

understanding langauge vid iconGrey Matters: Understanding Language

“Why are humans the only species to have language? Is there something special about our brains? Are there genes that have evolved for language?”

biology linguistics vid icon

The Biology of the Language Faculty: Its Perfection, Past and Future.

“Chomsky briefly outlines the key components of a biologically based linguistics that began to emerge 50 years ago…”

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