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Riddle 1

Riddle Challenge (Part 1)

Here is the first puzzle you must solve. Use this entire page to find the clues (some are hidden).

The answer is a single word, you will need this word to advance to the next challenge.

Good luck. (no caps – all lowercase for this puzzle)

Riddle 1 – East of Eden

cain zzzzzzz land I think I have solved the this riddle

Riddle Index

It’s been years since I made this original set of riddles (2004 or 2005, I think). And, although when I created them I meant for them to be done in a series — I realize some folks may want to just try individual riddles rather than spending hours getting through the whole set.

Here are links to the individual puzzles in this set:

Riddle 1 – (you are already here).

Riddle 2 – No One is Free ‘cept Me

Riddle 3 – I Have Composed a Little Work

Riddle 4 – Behold – A Riddle!

Riddle 5 – The Last



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