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riddle iconThe Riddle/Puzzle Challenge Thingy 2 (2005)

Can you complete our second challenge, comprised of 8 strange interative and visual riddles?

Click here to go to the first puzzle in this set – After completing it you will be taken to the next puzzle. Or, read below for more info and hints & Riddle/Puzzle Index.

Riddle Index / Cheats

It’s been years since I made this set of riddles (2005). And, although when I created them I meant for them to be done in a series — I realize some folks may wish to cheat or want to just try individual riddles rather than spending hours getting through the whole set.

Here are links to the individual puzzles in this set:

Puzzle 1 – So Interpersonal

Puzzle 2 – Inside Out

Puzzle 3 – Book BBQ

Puzzle 4 – Melting at 85C

Puzzle 5 – Journey Man

Puzzle 6 – Not a Planet

Puzzle 7 – Tragic Joy

Puzzle 8 – Scribe

Those, of course, are the names of the riddles — not the passwords.

Hints and Tips:

** All answers should be entered in lowercase (no caps).

** Use the whole page for each puzzle to look for clues, not just what appears to be the actual puzzle.

** Some clues and hints are hidden.

** Tools that might help: google, thesaurus, dictionary.


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