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Magic is a path to logic and a skeptical mind — which the world could use a little more of. My interest in magic is more of “knowing how” the mind works.

I only know a few tricks well enough to perform myself, but understand “the secret” behind most magic tricks.

I will write more about magic, skepticism and the human mind in the future, but magicians like Penn & Teller and James Randi have built shows, magazines and careers on teaching rational thinking through understanding “magic”. So check them out.

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Jay Sankey Says Jay is one of the world’s most respected close-up magicians. He recently contributed some very interesting articles & info.

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Marc Mayhem on Magic and Mentalism Our new guest magician and mentalist Marc Mayhem (aka Mark Reed). Check it out!

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Featured Free Magic Trick: Salty Cards

Materials Needed:

1 Standard Card Deck A good pinch of salt secretly stored in your pocket

aceHow the Trick Appears:

With nothing more than kicking a deck of cards you can tell which is the chosen card.

ace How the Trick Works:

Have a shuffled deck of cards on the floor. Have a person look through the deck and pick a card. Have him/her place his card on top of the deck. Now have them cut the deck into five piles. (Remember the chosen card is on the top of the first pile.)

Now by pointing to the piles have them put the deck back together in a different order.

The trick is that as you are pointing at the card piles, instructing the audience member to put them back together… you take a pinch of salt and drop it on top of the chosen card as you point to it. (Slick, eh?)

Then lightly kick the deck of cards with your right foot, slide into the cards to make them glide to the left.

Examine the deck; the place in the deck with the most distance between one card and the next is the chosen card.

Notes: Practice this trick before performing to get a feel for how and how hard to kick the cards, and how to “see” the chosen card.